Christian from South Korea told how God and prayer helped to find and fulfill her purpose

18 year old Hyena Jung from South Korea told that she has been very curious about the future and had many dreams since she was quite young. She began praying to God in elementary school to lead her to fulfill her future goals. 

Girl decided to give glory to God by majoring in a musical instrument when she was in the 9th grade. Her mother and friends were members of church’s Nissi Orchestra, and their advice had a strong impact on her.

Young christian added that when she was 4 months old, she had pus that completely filled the joint between the hipbone and the thigh bone. 
The doctor said it was exceptionally rare for a baby to have such a condition. He also said she could die from blood poisoning in a week if the pus transferred into the blood. Hyena was too young to get a surgery, and even if she did, she definitely would have problem in her hipbone that would lead to disability. Fortunately she was completely healed after receiving prayer in Manmin Central Church. 

MRI Pictures:
Before Prayer: Pus fills the socket \ After Prayer: Normal

In May 2017, girl was in 3rd grade of middle school. She decided to major in French Horn, but it was too late to get into an art high school. It usually takes more than 2 years to prepare for the exams, but she had to do it in 6 months. However, she overcame the situation by God’s help.

In every worship service, Hyena received the prayer with faith that God would lead her to a prosperous way. Finally, she passed the entrance exam to Kyeong Gi Art High School in the winter.

In 2018, after christian entered high school, she was really busy. Hyena had to prepare for the college entrance exam, and to practice a lot. There were many concerts and studies that she had to do at school. She could go to church only for Sunday services. 

When the New Year 2019 dawned, young girl decided to attend Friday all-night service and also Daniel prayer meetings in addition to attending Sunday services. In one of the Friday all-night services, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and didn’t feel tired. The whole congregation praised God with passion and love, and she felt this is what Manmin is supposed to be.

I really felt we were all one family. I also felt we were like a big army that was fighting against the enemy devil. Friday all-night service is so precious to me nowadays, especially offering up to God the praises and prayers on top of being blessed by the message. The worship service is like a bicycle that takes me anywhere to let me feel the cool breezes when I am tired of my studies and practices“, – says Hyena. – “It also lets me pay back God’s grace. I can offer up heart-felt praises with my healthy legs and hands to God who healed me of a serious illness in my infancy. The Holy Spirit touches my heart when I sing the praises keeping each of the lyrics in my mind. I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me of possible disability and who let me praise God with my musical instrument!

Manmin Central Church,