The testimony of healing of herniated cervical disc and sudden deafness

In March 2017, my neck stiffened. I could not move it. When I tried moving it, it was so painful that I could not stand it. To top it off, the owner of my house asked me to move out so I had to find a place to live. 

On April 9, I wanted to receive prayer but I couldn’t. So, I wrote my heart’s desires on the palm of my hand: “Let me move to a good house and heal me of the herniated cervical disc.” After I shook hands with him with faith, the pain was gone. The next day, I felt better and came to move my neck slowly.

To receive perfect answers, I prepared for Men’s and Women’s Devotional Service with my heart by fasting. I listened to Senior Pastor’s sermons, prayed, and tried to change. Meantime, I found a good house to live in at a reasonable price. On May 14, during the devotional service, I received complete healing of my cervical disc. I had no problem in moving my neck at all.

But I still had another problem to solve. From early May, I suffered from sudden deafness of my left ear. I did not know the cause. As I could not hear well, when people said something, I just smiled or gave irrelevant answers.

On Friday, June 2, I felt so sorry that I had not changed myself although I had led a Christian life for a long time. With the heart of repentance, I received a prayer after the sermon. All of a sudden, sound was heard from my left ear. On Sunday, June 4, after I received the prayer during Morning Service, it became perfectly normal. Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God who gave answers to all my problems all at once.

Jongsu Hwang, age 56, Parish 1, Manmin Central Church