The testimony: “God Healed Me of 25 Years of Leprosy!”

I live in a town in the eastern Nepal. I had a problem from the age of 15. When I touched things, I felt numb. I could not feel anything, and scars were formed on both of my hands and legs. I couldn’t even move my fingers.

I was diagnosed with leprosy. Facing the miserable and unexpected reality, I felt despair and skeptical about my life. ‘Why has it happened to me!’ As physical pains increased, mental pain bothered me so much.

Of course I couldn’t hang around with people and I couldn’t even admit what I was. No medicine could heal my disease, which put me in deep despair.

In the meantime, my brother Simon Buzel who is attending Nepal Manmin Church talked to me about Manmin Central Church. He said when people received the prayer of the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church, had prayed, they were healed of their diseases. He also added that Rev. Heesun Lee, Manmin World Guidance Pastor from the Central Church would come to Nepal Manmin Church and hold the handkerchief healing meeting (ref:Acts 19:11-12).

With hope, I longed to attend it and receive healing. By the help of my elderly father, I went to Katmandu and attended the seminar on November 10 and on November 11th I also attended the 11th Anniversary Service. I received a lot of grace, and I attended the Fullness of the Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting in the afternoon. Pastor prayed for each of the people with the handkerchief.

Nepal Manmin Church’s 11th Anniversary Celebration Performance (Left) and Brother Jei Ram Buzel who was healed of leprosy (right)

Then, a miracle happened to me! My fingers moved! They had not moved no matter how hard I had tried for the last 25 years. All pains were gone and all scars were also gone! When someone touches me, I can feel it now!

Before this miracle that God performed for me, in amazement I became just speechless. I give all thanks and glory to God who came to me with warm light while I was just nobody, and healed my miserable leprosy! 

Jei Ram Buzel, age 40, Nepal Manmin Church

Manmin Central Church,