The testimony of healing of ankle joint ligament damage without surgery

On February 10, 2018, my left ankle was twisted inward almost at a right angle while I was coming down the stairs. I dropped to the floor. It hurt so much that I couldn’t stand up and just cried. My mother saw me and had me receive prayer for the sick recorded on the Automated Response System. After the prayer, I came to move a little and went to the car with mom’s help.

Because I hurt my ankle, I looked back upon my life and especially checked if I had been somewhere I should not have gone. That night, I went to Daniel Prayer Meeting on a wheelchair. Pastor Changmin Kim, Principal of Students’ Sunday School advised me to check if there was something I had not stopped such as watching soap operas, video clips on YouTube, and the like. I repented but I still felt burdened.

The next day I went to Sunday Services on the wheelchair with my friends’ help. I felt so much pain in my ankle bone when I stepped on the ground with the leg, but I didn’t give up singing in the choir. I just felt sorry before God that I had not changed more. So, I sang in the choir on crutches. I stood with the other leg while singing and it felt painful and numb, but I endured it and sang the anthem.

After the sermon, I received prayer for the sick. My ankle felt strengthened and tendons felt connected. On February 12, I visited a hospital to examine it and was diagnosed with left ankle joint ligament damage. I was told to have a surgery, but I just wore a cast-boot to immobilize it because I wanted to receive healing from God.

I went to the restroom on my knees or a family member carried me on their back. My mom washed my hair. My shoulders and wrists felt pain too because of the crutches. One day, I felt exhausted because only one leg was supporting my whole body. I prayed at home in Daniel Prayer Meeting via GCN ( Right then, tears began to pour down. I was so sorry that I had forgotten the love of God.

I pursued the worldly pleasure inappropriate for students although in church we were taught we should not. I was brokenhearted and I tearfully repented. After the repentance, I felt unburdened and came to be sure about healing through the prayer.

On February 14, I finally went to the service and received prayed there. After this prayer, I found that I had not relied on the crutch and it had been in the air. The pain was gone!

After the prayer, I no longer needed the crutch and I could climb up the stairs to my house on my own. Hallelujah!

I jumped up and down when I praised God during Students’ Winter Retreat and there was no pain at all. I fulfilled my God-given duties as a member of Volunteers’ Group and a cheerleader. I give all thanks and glory to God.

Jusun Chung, age 16, Seul, South Korea

Manmin Central Church,