The Testimony of healing from swine flu by prayer

When the swine flu epidemic hit Europe, many people in Estonia were also infected and many of them died in 2017. It is more dangerous for the elderly, so I got the flu vaccine and did not worry about it.

But around 6pm on March 12, 2018, my body temperature rose up to 40 degrees Celsius. I had severe headaches and chills. My wife called an ambulance and I was moved to the isolation ward as suspected.

Meantime, my wife called Pastor Grigoriy Kolesov, talked about my situation, and asked for his prayer. I had high fever and chills while undergoing many tests. I just prayed for my condition not to be fatal.

Around 1am on March 13, the result came out and unfortunately it was swine flu.

A little later, my wife received a phone call from my pastor. He said that Rev. Heesun Lee, Manmin World Guidance Pastor, had prayed for me and told my wife to have me receive Dr. Jaerock Lee’s recorded prayer three times in a row. She obtained permission from the doctor and came to me. She had me receive the prayer with her cell phone on my ears.

And at 6am, something amazing happened. My body temperature dropped from 40 to 36.5 degrees Celsius.

The doctors were very surprised because I recovered so quickly and regained normal body temperature within 12 hours after the onset. I was discharged right away.

Pastor Grigoriy Kolesov has been united with Manmin and spread the holiness gospel. We join in the worship services of Manmin Central Church on GCN.

I read Dr. Lee’s books Heaven and The Message of the Cross. I also read Manmin News as well as study the Bible. I also remember his messages full of life and powerful works that healed countless people of their diseases in Estonia Crusade 2010 when my wife and I attended it.

I give all thanks and glory to God who allowed me to be fully restored from the danger of death by the powerful prayer. I also extend my thanks to the Senior Pastor who prayed for me.

Viktor Tsyganenko, age 75, The Source of Truth Church in Estonia

Manmin Church,