Testimony: “God healed me from high blood pressure and alcohol addiction!”

I took medicine for high blood pressure from the age of 14. After I got married, I had a miscarriage. My heart ached so much that I began to drink alcohol a lot and became addicted to it. I felt like I was dying and going crazy. I could not stop thinking like that. I was suffering so much.

I was so sensitive that I’d get startled by something small and then get angry. I was chronically inflicted by such situations and my family was in discord all the time. I often asked God to protect me in prayer.

In September 2017, I went to a prayer meeting that was held in my friend’s house, that Missionary Jane Mapologoma was leading. 

On the following Sunday, I attended London Manmin Church’s service and received the prayer. Then, I felt something coming out of me. Afterwards, I continued to attend the service on Sundays and received prayer from the missionary. Meantime, I was completely set apart from the force of darkness that had troubled me since I was little. Hallelujah!

I no longer had negative thoughts. As I became peaceful, my family came to stay at peace. I was healed of high blood pressure and alcohol addiction. My family and friends were surprised at my change. My husband and son registered as Manmin members too!

By the time four weeks had passed since I attended London Manmin Church, my life had been completely changed. The almighty God saved my life. I am very happy and healthy in the Lord. I give all thanks and glory to God who allowed me to meet Senior Pastor.

Juliana Namukasa, London Manmin Church in the U.K., age 44, the third from left

Manmin Central Church, manmin.org