Southkorean Church “Manmin” held 42-days Special Daniel Prayer Meetings

At 8:30 p.m., on November 18, 2018, the Special Daniel Prayer Meeting Award Ceremony of Manmin Prayer Center began with the preliminary praise. The members prayed in this second special meeting of 2018 from October 8 until that day for 42 days following the lead of the Center president Mrs. Boknim Lee under the theme of “The Fruit of the Shepherd’s Tears.”

Pastor Hakyoung Yim and Pastor Yuri Do presided over the ceremony. Among those who had attended the meeting for more than 40 days, a hundred people were chosen through random drawings and given prizes, and Grand Prize went to Pastor Boksim Kim, Vice Parish Leader of Parish 21 whose prayer card was chosen by Rev. Soojin Lee through a drawing.

In particular, many prizes went to the members of Chinese Parish. Their parish has achieved great revival this year. The church members felt the love of God who was repaying them for what they had accomplished. Also, Senior Deaconess Eunsuk Kim, Parish 4 and her two children were selected, and she said, “God consoled my heart because He knew that this coming December my son is going to enlist and my daughter will leave for the U.S. for an exchange program.”

Between the drawings, Praise Leader Rose Han offered praise, the Power Worship Dance Team danced, and Sound of Light Chorus and Crystal Singers performed a short play that illuminated the importance of the Word and prayer.

On October 29, when the second session of the special prayer started, the attendees offered up special praise to God. After the praise, Deaconess Nathalia Im of Overseas Parish was healed of insomnia, and Sister Juseon Jung, 9th grader, was admitted to a specialized high school. There are many other testimonies too.

Daniel Prayer Meeting is held every night and broadcast live on GCN ( and the Internet. Anyone across the globe who wants to pray can join and pray for righteousness and the kingdom of God. Besides, Manmin Prayer Center holds Morning Meeting for healing and problem-solving and an Afternoon Prayer Meeting for those who are sick.

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