The Testimony: “I used to be indulged in video games but now I preach the gospel!”

I was born into a Christian family. I read the Bible and prayed according to my parents’ teaching. But, I could not understand the love and will of God. I studied well in school and pleased my parents. But after my mother passed away when I was 11, I came to neglect studying and spent so much time and money on video games. Above all, I stopped going to church for six years.

In November 2008, I was guided to Peru Manmin Church by one of my relatives. Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons and spiritual authority brought renewal to my life. I could stop video games. I became a new person on December 25.

I started to read Senior Pastor’s sermon text presented in the church’s website in Spanish. I also read his books The Message of the Cross and The Measure of Faith. I received much grace. I came to understand the love of God embedded in human cultivation, the wisdom of God shown in the Lord’s sacrifice, and the purpose of my life.

I attended Daniel Prayer Meeting as well. I repented of my past life and prayed to be forgiven by God. I volunteered actively in church and listened to Senior Pastor’s sermons. I took the courses of Manmin International Seminary. Afterwards, I helped my church’s pastor preach the holiness gospel and deliver the power of God in many areas of Peru for five years.

Pastor Hangyeol Kim was dispatched to my church. I help him prepare for the sermon in Spanish and serve as a president of Young Adults’ Mission. I am so happy to dwell in the Word of God and fulfill my God-given duty. I hope to deliver the holiness gospel to Peru and its neighboring countries and lead many people to dwell in the grace of God. I give all thanks and glory to God who gives me true happiness.

Arnold Zacarias Molina Velasco, age 26, Peru Manmin Church