Executive Director of the Christian Network GCN took part at the International Media Summit

Itzhak/ SNN, Space Network News

Johnny Kim, Executive Director of GCN Broadcasting Inc. took part at the International Christian Media Summit, which took place in Jerusalem on October 14-17, 2018.

This four-day summit brought together a select group of top Christian media broadcasters, publishers, journalists and communicators from around the world for an intensive study mission and dialogue on key topics related to Israel and the Christian world.

“A great alliance with the evangelicals is something we do not apologize for, We have no better friends in the world” – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in the Gala opening event of the Christian Media Summit 2018

“And I take this opportunity to thank you for your steadfast support,” Netanyahu said. ” You are standing up for Israel and you are standing up for the truth and we stand up for you. ”

“Israel is the one country that protects the human rights of all. We protect the religious rights of all. We don’t just protect Christian religious sites – we protect Christian people”, — published Prime Minister on his Twitter account.

In 2004, many Christian broadcasters who had a vision in spreading the gospel via broadcasting ministry to all people of all nations were united to organize Global Christian Network (GCN). It takes part in events organized by Crystal Forum and in 2017 it had broadcasted the Crystal Music Festival in more then 170 countries for the first time.

“We, Manmin Central Church, love Israel so much, primarily because of God and his Word, and secondly because of Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. Two million members of the Manmin family around the world and Dr. Jaerock Lee, the senior pastor, expressed our love for Israel by sending a delegation to celebrate the anniversary with you,” said Johnny Kim, Executive Director of GCN Broadcasting Inc. during the Crystal Music 2018 festival.

The association «Crystal Forum» — association of messianic believers in Israel, 20 communities numbering more from more than 10 cities of Israel, was formed in the end of 2008. Since then the active social activity mentioning all groups of age is conducted. Various actions, such as are carried out: international conferences, kids Summer camps (accreditation of the Ministry of Education of Israel), family seminars, musical festivals.