“Pilgrim Team” to visit Democratic Republic of Congo

A World Council of Churches (WCC) “Pilgrim Team” will visit Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from 18-23 August. Under the theme “African Women of Faith and Gender Justice,” the group aims to acknowledge and build women’s roles in church and society. By focusing on gender justice, and on peace with no violence against women, the Pilgrim Team will raise awareness, and call churches and ecumenical partners to action together for justice and peace.

The delegation to the Democratic Republic of Congo will particularly affirm the fact that gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful and sustainable world. They will listen to women’s stories, as victims and as resilient survivors of displacement, violence, and oppression.

The Pilgrim Team will express solidarity and accompaniment by interacting with women, religious and political leaders, and youth.

In the tradition of other Pilgrim Team visits across the globe, the delegation will “visit the wounds” by listening to the stories of gender injustice and violence against women. They will also celebrate the gift of women and their role in the church, their life-giving, dignity-enhancing leadership styles, and their life of effective negotiation and peace-building.

The upcoming visit builds upon previous Pilgrim Team visits to Nigeria, Burundi, and South Sudan.

World Council of Churches, oikoumene.org