WCDN’s 15th International Conference in Poland with 400 People from 17 Countries

From June 16th through the 17th, 2018, the World Christian Doctors Network hosted the 15th International Christian Medical Conference in Warsaw, Poland under the theme of “Spirituality, Medicine, and Science.”

WCDN is an international organization of medical doctors substantiating the divine healing cases based on medical data. It annually holds medical conferences around the world.

This 15th WCDN conference was attended by approximately 400 doctors and medical professionals from 17 countries including Israel, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria. It was simultaneously interpreted in English, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. For two days 12 healing cases and four special lectures were presented.


After a short praise and introduction session by the participants from each country, Dr. Daria Wojnar, Organizing Committee Chairperson, extended a welcome in her message. The first session was the special lecture of Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Director of WCDN Israel. He made a speech about the life and ministry of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder of WCDN, his visit to Korea, and meeting with Dr. Lee.

He stated, “I have met many Christian medical doctors and professionals as I prepared for this conference. They considered supernatural works of God important. I also thought the attendees would be inspired by many divine healing cases manifested by Dr. Jaerock Lee and by his dedications for God, the Lord, and the souls. I wanted to talk about his life, ministry, humbleness and love that I had seen and experienced firsthand. That is why I am making this speech.”

Dr. Gilbert Chae, President of WCDN delivered a welcome message and the DVD of Dr. Jaerock Lee’s powerful ministries was presented. After that, healing case presentations started in earnest. This year, there were seven healing cases.

Dr. Lyubka Tancheva, Bulgaria, presented the healing case of cerebral hemorrhage; Dr. OleseaTanas, Moldova, of humerus fracture; Dr. Daniel Fuentes Acosta, Mexico, of gall bladder disease; Dr. Vahe Buniatyan, Armenia, of cardiac insufficiency; and Dr. Joonsung Kim, Korea, of vision recovery. Dr. Changkyu Yang, Korea, especially showed the healing cases of demon-possession and explained the depth of the spiritual world. His cases convinced attendees that mental and physical problems can be resolved completely when spiritual problems are resolved.


Dr. David Eu, Singapore, presented healing cases through Muan Sweet Water, which caught the eyes of the attendees. As the bitter water turned into drinkable sweet water at Marah in Exodus 15:25, the salty water from the sea in front of Muan Manmin Church changed into sweet drinkable water through Dr. Lee’s prayer. Through the Muan Sweet Water, many people have been healed of their diseases and even dying animals and plants have come back to life.

Besides, Polish doctors presented five more healing cases of peritonitis, breast cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, pituitary gland tumor, and congenital fetal abnormality through the combination of prayer and medicine. The second special session was the DVD presentation of “The Seed of Life” produced based on Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon series, and the third special session was the lecture given by Dr. Gilbert Chae concerning “The Root of Diseases.”

Dr. Dmytro Krupin, Ukraine, said, “It’s interesting to couple medicine with spirituality. I now realized that healing of diseases may happen through spiritual ways.” The last lecture was given by Pastor Daniel Rozen, Coordinator of WCDN Middle East under the theme of “Past, Present, and Future of Israel.”

Dr. Daria Wojnar, Chairperson of Poland Conference Organizing Committee said, “It’s exciting to hear about God’s healing works through prayer. A variety of healing cases, special lectures for spiritual growth, and wonderful performances were all so good. I give thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee who provided this good opportunity for us and prayed for us.”

Performers from Performing Arts Committee of Manmin Central Church praised in six languages including local language and showed amazing dance performances including Polish traditional dance.

MANMIN Central Church