Over 2000 christians took part in annual Bible Quiz Contest in Seul

On October 27, 2019, the prize award ceremony for the 19th Bible Quiz Contest was held after Sunday Afternoon Service. 2,100 people competed in the 1st qualifying rounds, 97 in the 2nd qualifying round and 59 contestants made it to the final which was held on September 29.

The Grand Prize went to Heung-Young Park from Daejeon Manmin Church. He was given a plaque and a ticket to the Holy Land pilgrimage trip. The Gold Prize went to Pastor Hyun-Joo Kim (3-23 Parish), the Silver to Pastor Nam-Sook Huh (Daejeon), Deacon Kyungseok Goh (2-1 Men’s Mission), Deacon GyeHyun Ahn (Daejeon), the Bronze Prize to Deacon Myung-Sik Shin (4 Canaan) and Deaconess Jong-Eun Kim (Daejeon), the Encouragement Prize to Deacon Il-Doo Kim and 18 others, and the Participation Prize went to Brother Haneul Kim and 30 others.

This year a Group Prize was also given. The Chinese Parish 2, 5th Canaan Mission, and Daejeaon Manmin Church each won this Group Prize, plaque, and money.

Manmin Central Church, manmin.org