Ministers from 25 countries took part in World Evangelism Day Event in South Korea

The 2019 World Evangelism Day Event was held in the 2nd part of the Friday all-night service on Aug. 2. It was also live broadcast on GCN TV ( 

The event was presided by Hye-eun Kim from the 4th Young Adults’ Mission. 

The first event was the video presentation of 14 overseas united crusades that was led by Manmin Central Church from 2000, along with introduction to our book and TV ministries. The spreading of the gospel and world evangelism is the Lord’s Great Commission. 

After the marching of the representatives from 25 countries that are in Korea to participate in the summer retreat, Pastor Sergey Bocharnikov of Nazareth Living Spirit Church, Israel, gave a greeting message. 

Posies were presented to pastors, missionaries, and members of branch and associative churches, appreciating them of their hard-work. 

Pastor Soojin Lee gave thanks to them and delivered a message regarding the providence of God toward our church and our vision for world evangelism. 

The last event was the acrobatic performances and dances of the Mongolian members, pan flute instrumental of Elías from Peru, and Russian praise song by Alexandru Tabaranu of Moldova and Elder Ronya Son. Also, Korean Traditional Dance Team, Crystal Singers, Power Worship Dance Team, Lord’s Love Mission, and Chinese Parish sang praises that envisioned evangelism in English and Spanish speaking countries, Africa, North Korea, and China. 

The members of Manmin in Korea and abroad, and missionaries and pastors of branch and associative churches remembered the love of God toward all peoples of the world once again. It was a chance for them to renew their hearts once again to fulfill our vision for world evangelism.

Manmin Central Church,