The first synagogue on wheels set off from Dnipro, Ukraine

The Third all-Ukrainian Expedition of Mitzvah Tanks has begun in Dnipro – a special project of mobile synagogues, which is organized in Ukraine by a group of young messengers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, sons of Ukrainian communities rabbis. It is reported on the site of the Dnipro Jewish community.с

This year, two Mitzvah tanks will undertake four expeditions. The first two will cover Prydniprovia (area of the Dnipro river) and Prychornomoria (area near the Black Sea) regions.

“I guess it is very important that the project “Mitzvah-Tank 5779” has started namely in Dnipro, receiving spiritual energy from this wonderful community and from the stunning “Menorah” – outlined the manager of the project, rabbi Mendel Wolf, the son of the Chief Rabbi of Odesa and Southern Ukraine Abraham Wolf, – We will start in Dnipro and from here we will go to the cities of Poltava, Kirovohrad regions, Donbas and all the Prydniprovia region. And the second Mitzvah-tank starts from Odesa and goes all over Prychornomoria and Pryazovia (the Sea of Azor region) regions, from Izmail to Mariupol”.

Then, at the end of August, Mitzvah tanks will undertake two great anabases – one in Bukovyna, Halychyna (Galicia) and Volyn regions, and another one in the Northern regions of Ukraine. As always, the mobile synagogue will have a cheerful and inspiring Hasidic atmosphere and will provide a range of opportunities for spiritual growth and the fulfilment of the commandments – first of all, the opportunities to put on tefillin, to light  Sabbath candles and to hang the mezuzah.

In Dnipro, the campaign started on Thursday, August 15, at 11:00 on Heroiv Maidanu square. After the grand opening, the Mitzvah-tank began working in the Shevchenko Park at 12:30, at 16:00 the synagogue on wheels worked on the waterfront (Festyvalnyi pier), and by 18:00 it returned to the “Pasazh”, the shopping mall. At 19:30, the expedition spreading Yiddish culture left Dnipro, starting its two-week journey.