My husband came out of coma during live stream of the Manmin Summer Retreat, says christian from India

Christian from India said that her husband came out of coma while she was watching live stream of the Manmin Summer Retreat.

The 2019 Manmin Summer Retreat was held at Deokyusan Resort, Muju Jeonbuk Province, from Aug. 5 through Aug. 7. It was live broadcast on GCN TV ( and attended by pastors and members from 28 countries. The whole event was simultaneously interpreted into 10 languages including English, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. 

The Jumping Park of the Deokyusan Resort had the optimal weather conditions despite the extreme hot weather throughout the country. The temperature was 23.3 degree Celsius for the seminar. The sky was covered by the clouds and it had cool breezes during the athletic meet. The weather forecast indicated the typhoon ‘Francisco’ would land in Korea on the night of our camp fire and die out in the early morning of the next day, but after the prayer at 8:40 PM, it became a tropical depression at 9 PM, and the clouds that covered the location of camp fire disappeared. As were the cases in previous years, swarms of dragonflies covered the retreat location, thereby making it an insect-free environment. They also sat on the hands and other parts of the body of the believers, adding joy to all. 

The speaker, Pastor Soojin Lee, delivered the message under the title ‘Glory of Resurrection’. She emphasized we had to put our focus on circumcision of heart to have the glory of resurrection and urged the attendees to have the resurrection faith like the early church members did. After the repenting praises and prayers, she prayed for the whole assembly.

Through the prayer, cases of liver cirrhosis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, burns, and other diseases and other conditions were healed, including nervous problems. Cases involving a walking disorder and hearing and speech disorders were also cured. Others recovered or improved eye-sight, and those who came on wheelchairs came to walk, giving glory to God greatly.

As her husband miraculously came to his senses through the prayer on YouTube live-webcast, Kiran Nelson from India sent her testimony to the retreat location. 

“My husband Akush Nelson was involved in a traffic accident on June 19, 2019. He developed a blood clot in his brain, and he went into a vegetative state. He could move only 5-10% of normal range. He was on respirator. They gave him juice through his nose but he’d just vomit it out.” – she says. – In the morning of August 5, 2019, the doctor said there was nothing more they could do. I have a 20-month-old son, and I was devastated thinking I was going to be a widow. I wanted to receive a prayer of some famous pastors for his last moments, and I searched the YouTube. 

At the time, the Manmin Summer Retreat was going on live. I clicked the live stream of the GCN TV Hindi channel. Right at that moment Pastor Soojin Lee was praying for the sick people. I placed my cell-phone near the head of my husband. Soon, he began to move as if he were dancing, and doctors rushed to him. 

I got connected on WhatsApp through the telephone number that was in the caption of GCN TV Hindi channel, and sent the video of my husband’s movements. 

He is recovering very quickly, and he began to eat some dilute porridge 3 hours after waking. Now, he finished 2 small bowls. He didn’t cough or vomit it. He is in sound sleep right now. I give thanks to God who has healed my husband. Hallelujah!”

In addition, there were many testimonies of those experienced divine healing through GCN TV and YouTube live-webcast. A man in coma came to his senses, strabismus, urethral stricture, skin troubles and eye problems were cured. Some people were set free from evil spirits. The testimonies are still being registered. 

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