“For Those Who Wish to Hear” publication explores new roles of mission, evangelism

A newly released World Council of Churches (WCC) publication, “For Those Who Wish to Hear,” is a collection of reflections from participants in the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2018.

As co-editor and WCC programme executive for Ecumenical Theological Education, Amélé Ekué said the volume represents selected, fresh voices: a younger generation of ecumenists, who are eager to share their comments on how the gospel can be translated in the world, however only rarely have the opportunity to take part in major ecumenical events.

“The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute at the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism in Arusha in 2018 facilitated the participation in such crucial conversations across the generations and beyond confessional and cultural boundaries,” said Ekué. “The beauty of this collection lies in the diversity and innovative approaches the authors take on mission and evangelism.”

The authors use storytelling, and also sharp scrutiny and critique of existing patterns of theological thought, Ekué added, “but always with a tangible sense of engagement with the themes close to their minds and hearts. One can only hope that their words are received by all those who wish to hear as an encouragement to constantly grow as a fellowship of learning.”

WCC, oikoumene.org