Southkorean newspaper marked its 32nd anniversary

It is the 32nd anniversary of Manmin News that has been leading numerous souls around the world to the way of life and salvation. 

Since May 17th of 1987 Manmin News delivers sermons, various feature stories, news stories, and testimonies of the believers worldwide who experienced the power of God. It helps believers in spiritual growth and spreads the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Hyangran Kim of Chinese parish read the Manmin News while she was in hospital and came to our church. She was healed of severe arm pain and her bent left middle finger was straightened in the church. Her entire family accepted the Lord. Her husband Myeongho Lee quit smoking and drinking and was healed of a herniated disc. 

Manmin News is available and read in several languages by many overseas believers. Yordanis Castro of Ecuador says that after listening to the sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee, he quit drinking and drugs and his life turned around completely. He is reading Manmin News in the Spanish edition on the church website. 

Viktor Tsyganenko of Estonia was healed of swine flu through Rev. Jaerock Lee’s prayer transcending time and space. He is also a regular reader of Manmin News. Members of Moldova Manmin Church print out the PDF file of Russian Manmin News and use them for evangelism. Victor Giménez of Venezuela came to understand God’s will clearly through Manmin’s ministry, and he is spreading videos of the “Message of the Cross” sermons and Manmin News enthusiastically. 

Manmin News was first printed on May 17, 1987. The first English news was printed in January 1991. In November 2012, the Internet Manmin News service was launched ( Editions are printed in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Urdu and are delivered to all Manmin members around the world. 

Manmin Central Church,