Ministers from southkorean church Manmin visited branch churches in South America for anniversary celebrations

Manmin Central church’s mission delegation headed by Pastor Mikyung Lee visited branch churches in Peru, Colombia, and the United States from April 3-18. 

Colombia Manmin Church 7th Anniversary Service

Colombia Manmin Church had the 7th anniversary service on Sunday, April 7, at 11 AM. Pastors and believers from the US, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile came to share the joy of the anniversary. 

Pastor Mikyung Lee delivered the message under the title ‘One’ with the passage from John 15:5. The CEO of Colombia Enlace TV, Rosalba Rodriguez, gave the congratulatory message.

For the evening service, they had celebration performances which were followed by a revival with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). Pastor Mikyung Lee prayed with the handkerchief. Among the attendants there were those who recovered eyesight, hearing and regained ability to walk without canes or crutches. Hypothyroidism and various diseases were also healed.

Angélica Osorio, age 21, told that her son was healed of serious constipation and she was healed of depression during meeting.

“My son, Sebastián David Cely Osorio, was born with serious constipation. He always found it painful to have bowel movements. I used many folk remedies but nothing worked. On April 7, in the handkerchief crusade, Pastor Mikyung Lee prayed with the handkerchief, and from then on he’s had no problem. Furthermore, I was also healed of depression that I had for years! Hallelujah!”

On April 8, a leadership seminar was held under the title “Qualifications of Leaders” with 160 attendants.

On Apr. 11, Pastor Lee had a meeting with the pastors of branch churches including Pastor Felipe Juamani and Pastor Daniel Vega, the chairman of Peruvian Pastors’ Association. Pastor Lee also had a meeting with the leaders in the evening.

On April 12, Pastor Lee spoke for the leadership seminar in Peru Manmin Church and on the 13th she had a meeting with Pastor Martin Alvarez from Argentina.

Peru Manmin Church Celebrated Their 13th Anniversary

On Sunday the April 14, Peru Manmin Church had their 13th anniversary service. It was attended by 1,100 pastors and members from El Salvador, the US, and Argentina. Pastor Mikyung Lee delivered messages under the titles ‘One’ and ‘Fruits of Light’ for morning and evening service respectively. 

In the evening service they had the handkerchief crusade and celebration performances. By Pastor Lee’s prayers hemiplegia was healed, eyesight recovered, and various pains disappeared.

Manmin Central Church,