Urgent call for constitutionalism and respect of Zimbabweans’ rights

Photo: Chris Black/WCC, 2007

At a meeting in Harare on Tuesday this week, church and civil society leaders in Zimbabwe strongly rejected all forms of violence and urgently called upon the state to restore the rule of law and constitutionalism in the exercise of state power.

Identifying with citizens’ anger, frustration and despair, the leaders urged the president of the republic to withdraw soldiers from the streets and open up access to the internet and social media.

“The challenges facing the majority of Zimbabweans can only be resolved through peaceful, non-violent engagement,” said the general secretary of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata.

The meeting emphasised that a stable and inclusive economy based on a re-distributive, inclusive, job-creating and locally driven economic growth is essential to the achievement of a free and flourishing society where basic human rights are observed and respected.

A ten-point statement was issued at the meeting where the state and the people of Zimbabwe were invited to a consensus-building dialogue to seek solutions and formulate a binding national vision.

World Council of Churches, oikoumene.org