GCN TV Attends the Fellowship of European Broadcasters Conference

The Fellowship of European Broadcasters Conference was held from Nov. 29 through Dec. 1, in Dublin, Ireland, and representatives from GCN TV of our church attended it to make known the ministry of Manmin.

In the opening ceremony on Nov. 29, the president of FEB, Harvey Thomas gave thanks to GCN TV for participation saying,

“Manmin’s ministry through GCN TV is a very good example we’d like to take after, and it is a testimony to the whole world.”

On Friday the 30th, GCN TV Director Elder Johnny Kim played a video of the powerful ministry of our Senior Pastor, Rev. Jaerock Lee, and introduced GCN TV and Manmin’s ministry that is spreading the holiness gospel and the works of God’s power, to the broadcasters in Europe.

Mr. Mario Skanny, president of a Christian TV production in Croatia, was deeply impressed saying, “I’ve never seen such a ministry as this. The variety of contents is dynamic and perfect,” Mr. Rob Clark from the Spirit Radio, Ireland said, “GCN TV is full of Spirit and is spreading the gospel to numerous souls around the world. It has great potential to have tremendous influence on Christian world.” Also, Beate Bucsh, the president of Bible TV, Germany said, “The technology of South Korea is remarkable. I’d like to cooperate with GCN TV. Please visit Bible TV whenever you come to Europe.”

During the morning events on Saturday Dec. 1st, Elder Johnny Kim had a public meeting covering GCN TV’s ministry for European Christian broadcasters. GCN TV has been able to recognize the current situations in Christian broadcasting in Europe and established cooperation with Bible TV of Germany.

Manmin Central Church, manmin.org