Southkorean Church held Kimchi Sharing Event and Support for Dental Treatment

From November 21 to 22, 2018, Women’s Mission had the 21st ‘Kimchi of Love’ Sharing Event with the help of the full-time workers of the church.

On 21st, each sub-mission of Women’s Mission was involved in each different task of washing, cutting, and salting 3,000 cabbages, and on 22nd, they gathered at 5:30 a.m. and washed the salted cabbages, made seasoning with fresh vegetables, and put it in the cabbages until 2 p.m.

The kimchi was put in 1,300 boxes, each 10 to 12kg, and the boxes were sent to households that the church had given financial support and also delivered to the needy in neighborhood such as child heads of households and elderly people living alone through assistance from Sindaebang 2-dong and Garibong-dong Community Service Centers and Guro-gu Vocational Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities.

Mr. Changeun Park, President of Guro-gu Vocational Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities said, “Thanks to the kimchi Manmin Central Church gives every year, the people here have spent warm winters. We are given kimchi from three organizations including Manmin, but the kimchi from Manmin is the best. We keep it well and eat it until spring. Thank you.”

One of the church’s continuing prayer titles is ‘Charitable Work,’ and Manmin has practiced the Lord’s love by trying to help the poor and neglected.

For more active charitable work, the church organized Charity Committee and has helped approximately 1,000 households including child heads of household, elderly people living alone, and Love of the Lord Mission (North Korean refugees’ group) by providing them with living expenses, rice, and side dishes. Also, we have taken care of the local community by giving 70 sacks of rice to six public offices including Sindaebang 2-dong Community Service Center and two welfare centers every month, and 15 people in Jangseong-gun, Jeonnam Province have received living expenses.

Church has also helped students to make their dreams come true and lead their believing lives diligently by giving them financial assistance for music lessons, private academies for further studies, transportation costs, and emergency funds. And the Charity Committee has given scholarships to proper students. 

Additionally, the church has served people and neighbors in need through the Condolence Committee’s support for funeral procedures, visits to inmates by members of the Rehabilitation Mission, volunteer work of the Hairdressers’ Mission, and by having the Coal Briquette of Love Sharing Event and participating in the cleanup of an oil spill on the Western sea’s TaeAn Peninsula.

This year in particular, approximately 170 members have received dental implants, dentures, and dental crowns under the church’s financial support. They had not had proper treatment done before due to financial problems.

Deacon Beomsu Lee, 71, Chinese Parish 1, confessed, “I was healed of several serious diseases after I registered in Manmin, but the church has even given me rice and side dishes. I recently got partial dentures for both upper and lower teeth as well! Thanks to the church’s support I can eat anything now! I am so grateful!”

Deaconess Kyesoon Choi, 66, Parish 29, said, “I suffered from problems with my teeth for the last ten years. From five years ago, I could not eat well. It often caused me to lose strength and feel dizzy. Since I used to have only a few teeth in my lower jaw, I always covered my mouth when I talked or smiled in front of others. But I have now received dental treatment through the support of the church. It feels like a dream.”

Manmin Central Church,