Christians Opened up How the Ministry of Manmin Central Church Changed their Lives

Regardless of the denominations and churches they belong to in the world, countless people have solved their life problems thanks to one church’s ministry.

People’s lives are being changed through Manmin Church’s website – now available in eight languages – and GCN’s live broadcasting.

The website of Manmin Central Church ( is available in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and German. It features many sermons including Lectures on Genesis, many testimonies of those who experienced God’s power, Christian cultural arts performances, and church news.

Brother Carlos Delgado Fuentealba, 26, in Chile said he had many questions regarding some biblical passages, but he happened to listen to Dr. Lee’s sermon ‘The Message of the Cross’ on Enlace TV, the leading broadcaster for Spanish-speaking countries. He was so greatly blessed through the message that he went to the church’s website and extensively studied the sermons he found there. He stated,

“My questions that I’d had for a long time were all answered through the messages, and they made my life’s goal clear.”

Deacon Kwanhong Park, 49, also listened to Dr. Lee’s sermons on the church’s website including the Lecture series on Genesis, Revelation, and John and those on ‘The Measure of Faith.’ He said,

“I thought I believed the Lord and taught the truth to others, but in reality I myself was on the way to spiritual death. But, through the messages I gained a true life and I am very happy.”

GCN covers approximately 170 countries all around the world through live broadcasting. Via Christian cultural arts programs coupled with sermons, praises, testimonies, and various other programs, the station proclaims God as the Creator and Jesus the Christ and spreads the works of the Holy Spirit.

Brother Alexandru Tabaranu, 33, in Moldova said, “I was struck with awe when I watched Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon ‘Hell’ on TBN Russia. As I have continued to listen to his sermons, my life has been totally transformed.”

He also experienced the power of God through Dr. Lee’s prayer: when her mother was dying of acute Cor Pulmonale (a form of pulmonary heart disease), she recovered through the prayer. He earnestly delivered the word of life to others and set up Moldova Manmin Church. Now it has around 70 members.

Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books in 61 languages and sermon videos on Social Network Services.

The message of life delivered by Dr. Lee has been compiled and published in 112 books in Korean, and they have been translated in 61 languages. As of this date, 505 multilingual editions and 532 electronic editions have been issued and are available world-wide.

Deaconess Hu Ann Hoong, 41, said, “I suffered depression and quarreled constantly with my family. Meantime, I learned about Dr. Jaerock Lee and his books. After all my family members read his books, The Message of the Cross, Heaven, and The Measure of Faith, I was healed of depression and heart disease through Dr. Lee’s prayer, my family has become at peace and my husband is receiving blessings in his business.”

A great number of people in the world listen to Dr. Lee’s sermons that are accessible on the church’s website and in the YouTube and Facebook, and they are leading renewed lives through his sermons.

Brother Yordanis Castro, 45, in Ecuador had many health problems due to alcohol and drug abuse, but he found something written concerning Dr. Jaerock Lee. He said, “I saw an article about Dr. Jaerock Lee on a website. I was touched by what was written and I started to listen to his sermons and prayed. After I received his prayer for the sick, I stopped drinking alcohol and taking drugs. And I was healed of chronic allergic rhinitis, lung disease, and chronic neurological disorder.”

Brother Yordanis is now attending the worship services of Peru and Colombia Manmin Churches via YouTube and he is spreading Dr. Lee’s sermon “The Message of the Cross” to other people.

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