The Church in South Korea has started 2-month Bible Reading Campaign and 42-days Special Daniel Prayer Meeting

Motivated by 1 Timothy 4:5 that says, “For it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer,” Manmin Central Church has the Bible Reading Campaign for two months that started on October 1, 2018 and also a Two-session Consecutive Special Daniel Prayer Meeting that began on October 8.

The church members have endeavored to finish reading the Bible during the campaign. On the basis of the number of those who finish, group prizes are planned to be given to parishes and mission groups and individual prizes awarded through a lottery. The members are supposed to read approximately 20 chapters every day to finish it within the two months. So, many members are now managing their time wisely and really devote themselves to it.

Deaconess Jungsook Lee, 54, Parish 28 said, “I used to have pain in the back of my neck and my jaw felt numb when I lowered my head. Nevertheless, I decided to join the reading. While reading, the pain was gone without my knowing when it actually happened.”

Deacon Sunsik Heo, 47, Parish 3 stated, “When I have free time in my workplace, I restrain myself from doing anything other than reading the Bible. I even sleep less and read the Bible for three to four hours a day. In doing so, I have felt the love of God and I have set deep roots in the Word of God.”

Sister Eunbi Kim, 16, said, “I have already finished reading the Bible once! I read the Bible at home whenever time permitted. In school, I read it during breaks and lunch time. Since I started to read it for the second time, the Word has reached my heart more deeply. I am so glad!”

In addition, Special Daniel Prayer Meeting began under the lead of Manmin Prayer Center President Boknim Lee. It will continue for six weeks until November 18.

On the first night, they received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s recorded prayer. His prayer put an emphasis on the importance of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit’s fire. Then, the opening anthem was offered up by Immanuel Choir and Nissi Orchestra, and the members made the first step of the 42-day prayer sessions to win in the spiritual battle through fervent prayer like that of Elijah.

In particular, leaders of the church’s organizations including Pastors’ Association, Elders’ Association, Men’s and Women’s Missions, District, Sub-district, and Cell Leaders’ Associations have prayed in turn at the special seating right in front of the altar. They have fasted and prayed on their knees for the kingdom of God and to renew themselves by the baptism of the Holy Spirit’s fire.

On October 29, they are going to have Special Praise time, where they will offer up the fragrance of their love to God, under the lead of Rev. Soojin Lee, President of Pastors’ Association.

Daniel Prayer Meeting starts at 9 p.m., and it ends at 11:40 p.m. during weekdays except Friday due to the Friday All-night Service and ends at 11 p.m. during weekends. The Special Daniel Prayer Meeting is held twice a year, one in the first half and once in the second half. People can join in the meeting all around the world via GCN and the internet (

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