Manmin Central Church’s 36th Anniversary Celebration Service and Performance Attended by People from 22 Countries

At 3 p.m. on October 7, 2018, Manmin Central Church offered up its 36th anniversary celebration service and performance to God. People from 22 countries including USA, Israel, and Colombia came and joined, and people in 31 countries sent their congratulatory messages via video messages and emails.

The service and performance were broadcast live through GCN that covers around 170 countries and via the Internet. Simultaneous interpretation service is also provided in eight languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Mongolian, and Vietnamese.

During the anniversary service, Rev. Soojin Lee, President of Pastors’ Association delivered the message entitled “Glory” based on Isaiah 60:1-3. She urged the attendees to reveal the glory of God all over the world with faith accompanied with God-pleasing deeds.

The celebration performance followed the message for about 40 minutes under the title of “‘The Flowery Road’ Banquet Hall.” Approximately 290 people including Praise Leader Rose Han, performers and instrumental groups of the Performing Arts Committee, Nissi Orchestra, Immanuel Choir, in-house staff, and outsourced staff collaborated to deliver a high-quality Christian performance.

In the front yard of the church there were gorgeous structures for photos set up and also decorated with the “‘The Flowery Road’ Banquet Hall” theme. And the Men’s and Women’s Missions, Canaan Mission, and Young Adults’ Mission members served people with delicious food items such as Korean vegetable pancakes, cotton candy, and Korean pumpkin malt taffy-like candy. Church members, their family members and relatives enjoyed themselves outside in such a beautiful weather.

In fact, the weather forecast said Typhoon Kong-Rey would directly batter South Korea with heavy showers and strong winds on Saturday, October 6. However, it stopped raining and even became sunny around 1 p.m., the time when the preparations for the outdoor event had been scheduled. So, the church workers were able to prepare for it without any problem. The beautiful weather continued into Sunday so that all could have a great time outside.

During the second half of Friday All-night Service on October 5, the Anniversary Eve Performance was delivered under the title “Toward New Jerusalem.” The church members’ earnest hope for New Jerusalem and the aroma of thanksgiving to God were offered up with praises, dance, and video presentations.

Pastor Sergey Bocharnikov, Spirit of Life Church in Nazareth, Israel, said:

“I was deeply touched by the anniversary celebration performance. It felt like a part of New Jerusalem came down and spread out in front of me. I became more earnest about going there. It was such a great blessing for me,” he continued, “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee who has loved and cared for Israel with all his heart. I give thanks to him for actively helping and supporting Israeli churches both in spirit and body. I hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord will spread more widely in the world through the ministry of Manmin, and the good will of God toward Dr. Lee will be greatly achieved.”

Manmin Central Church,