2018 Summer Bible School was held in the Manmin Central Church

From July 29 to August 1, 2018, Children’s Sunday School held the 2018 Summer Bible School Season in the central church and it was broadcast live on GCN.

Children Resemble the Lord with the Word and Prayer

2018 Summer Bible School began with the Opening Service where Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee preached the message. Through her message and the Bible study sessions, Manmin’s children learned about ‘whole spirit’ (1 Thessalonians 5:23) that is the sanctified heart filled with God’s goodness and love. They also prayed earnestly to achieve a good and beautiful heart in the Holy Spirit’s Fullness Prayer Meeting.

The children in attendance made up their minds to grow in faith and enter the best dwelling place in Heaven, New Jerusalem by diligently focusing on the Word of God and by receiving the fullness of the Spirit through prayers.

Children Glorify God with Praise and Talents

Pastor Minkyung Cho, Principal Pastor of Children’s Sunday School, led “Power Jesus” program. The children offered up their thanks and love to God dancing and praising with their pure and innocent voices.

Also, the 11th Manmin Children’s Talent Show was held with seven teams as participants. They showed musical performance, worship dance, musical instrument playing, singing, jazz dance, and fun dance. The Grand Award went to Shepherd’s Fruit Team (Masan), Gold Award to Jewelry Team (Gumi), Silver Award to Victory Team (Seoul), Bronze Award to Symphony Ensemble (Seoul), and Popularity Award to Twinkle Team (Daejeon).

Children Grow Up in the Lord

In addition, there was the photo exhibition of the power of re-creation that showed healing testimonies by Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer in the church front yard. In the yard, children also had time to watch wonders in the sky, took pictures in the photo spot that reminded them of heaven, and enjoyed popcorn. Pre-schoolers and the first graders were involved in the activity named “A Journey with Joseph”, and older children participated in the activity “We Are the Father’s Fruit” where they joyfully praised, danced, responded to quiz questions, and received presents. They engaged in various other activities by grade.

In 2018 Summer Bible School, children offered up worship services to God, glorified Him with their talents, and increased their faith, hope, and love through a variety of programs.

Manmin Central Church