WCC to co-sign statement for International Day of Peace

Photo: On the International Day of Peace, the host community and the South Sudanese refugees came together for a peace tournament.Ecumenical Network of South Sudan - Africa Hub/WCC

The World Council of Churches Commission of the Churches on International Affairs is co-signing an International Day of Peace statement that will be released in conjunction with the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The statement calls on governments and the international community to:

  • Move from commitments to action on peace in the 2030 Agenda and across the three UN pillars;
  • Align crisis response with longer term prevention and peacebuilding efforts;
  • Protect and support civil society in fostering sustainable peace;
  • Think local and act global: recommit to multilateralism as a safeguard for the most vulnerable.

The Quaker United Nations Office has worked with a number of international peace-building organizations to develop the sign-on statement to mark the International Day of Peace  on 21 September.

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