More than million signatures against abortion delivered in Spain

The Spanish pro-life organizations HazteOir (Make Yourself Heard) and it's sister organization Derecho a Vivir (Right to Life) have announced the collection of over one million signatures against Spain's new proposed Abortion Law, which would legalize abortion on demand during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, reports Matthew Cullinan Hoffman,

The new law is currently stalled in the Spanish Senate after having been approved in the Congress, which is the nation's lower legislative body. A coalition of senators from the People's Party, the Union of the People of Navarro, and Convergence and Union (Catalonia) have stepped forward to vote to block passage of the bill.

According to HazteOir, the socialist president of the Spanish Congress, Jose Bono, refused to accept the petition, stating through a representative that the its promoters "want to use it politically to wear down the government."

HazteOir and Derecho a Vivir ultimately delivered the signatures to two vice presidents of the Congress elected from the more conservative People's Party.

Although repeated opinion polls have indicated that Spaniards oppose the new law and would like to see it subjected to a referendum, the PSOE and its allies have insisted on pushing it through.

The text of the petition states that "abortion always brings about the violent death of a human being, and creates a terrible drama for the woman who suffers it, forced by circumstances. ... The law of Spain abandons the woman to her problems and pushes her, bereft of solidarity, to abortion. Every 'abortion law' is a terrible hypocrisy against women, besides being an atrocious injustice against the children that it leaves unprotected."

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