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Belarus pastor asked Kyrgyzstan to protect Christians

On the 3rd of November Slava Goncharenko sent a letter to the chief of administration of President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyrkulov Medet Chakanovich, in which he asked to interfere in the conflict of city authorities of Bishkek and the church "God's Love".

Press-center of the Church "God's Love" spread an appeal to the Christian community and country authorities. In it the chiefs of the church expressed their concern over the attempts of the authorities to deprive of buildings, belonging to the church "God's Love", obtained in 2002, - informs Christian Mega portal INVICTORY.ORG.

In his letter Slava Goncharenko addressed to the events of 2006, when "the believers of New Life Church in Minsk, who appeared in the same situation, went on a termless fasting-hunger strike. Driven to despair by unlawful actions of Minsk authorities, Christians took extreme measures, what caused great response not only in Belarusian Republic, but also in European countries and USA". Slava Goncharenko also expressed assurance that country legislation must defend citizen rights independent of their religious beliefs.

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