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Pro-abortion speaker disinvited from St. Mary's University

In a decision highlighting the school's fidelity to Catholic teaching, St. Mary's University in Calgary has disinvited Heather Mallick, the virulently pro-abortion feminist columnist who had been scheduled to speak as part of the college's speaker series, reports Kathleen Gilbert,

Mallick, a well-established feminist author and columnist, was invited to speak at St. Mary's in January 2009, despite the fact that she has an undisguised antipathy toward Catholic teaching and morals, particularly concerning abortion and sexuality.

Ms. Mallick has written in celebration of abortion as the "Get out of Jail Free card" that allows men and women to engage in uninhibited sex, and is an ardent admirer of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Canada's "father of abortion."

Mallick recently made headlines when she published an article on CBC's website attacking Republican VP-candidate Sarah Palin, insinuating that Palin is "white trash" and sports a "toned-down porn star" look. CBC later pulled Mallick's article and issued an apology.

Less than a week ago, (LSN) reported that St. Mary's had scheduled Heather Mallick to deliver a talk on the value of a liberal arts education, which provoked LSN readers to contact St. Mary's with their concern.

Many were told by the University's president, Dr. Terence Downey, that Mallick's talk had been cancelled. The speaker schedule on the college's website confirms this.

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