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Canadian pro-life hero celebrates 60th birthday behind bars

Canadian pro-life hero Linda Gibbons is celebrating her 60th birthday today in a Milton, Ontario jailhouse. The pro-life grandmother is no stranger to the prison scene, as she has in the past spent over 5 years in jail for peacefully protesting outside abortion mills in Ontario, reports Tim Waggoner,

Gibbons was arrested on July 31, only three days after having been released from her previous prison term. Gibbons was charged with violating the terms of a 1994 injunction which prohibits pro-life activity within 20 meters of the doors of an abortion mill.

"Happy Birthday Linda, and thank you for your witness. Our prayers are with you," said Campaign Life Coalition National President Jim Hughes. "It's a heck of a place to spend your birthday."

"We hope there will be no necessity for her to do so in the near future," he continued. "We're going to do our best to change the political landscape here in Canada."

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