Testimony: God’s miraculous work in the Muslim world

Miraculously, God is opening doors in the Islamic world where an unprecedented number of Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus. The prayers of his people are being answered, it is said in the press release.

Over a decade ago, a Christian couple moved with their family to a Middle Eastern country. Reema Goode and her husband settled in, challenged by the reality of the “10/40 Window,” a term missionary strategist Luis Bush coined about twenty years ago to refer those regions of the eastern hemisphere located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator that had least access to the Christian message. Reema and her husband are there, fully aware that foreigners who proselytize are deported, becoming a Christian is a punishable crime, and converts to Christianity face persecution, isolation, and even death.

In her new book, Which None Can Shut (Tyndale House), Reema Goode shares an encouraging and uplifting account of a Christian family living among Muslims in the Middle East. Despite obstacles, people are coming to Christ. Reema and her family are firsthand witnesses of a whole new trend that is taking shape in missions to Muslims.

In this powerful collection of personal stories, she reveals the diverse, creative, unexpected and thrilling ways God is reaching her neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Which None Can Shut will inspire readers with the knowledge that prayers for salvation of people in the “10/40 Window” are being answered as Muslims meet Jesus. They will also learn how to pray for Muslims as well as for those who minister to them.

Reema Goode is the pseudonym of the author of Which None Can Shut. For reasons of privacy and safety, her personal information is not shared.

To obtain a complimentary review copy, plus a Q and A (six questions for which Reema has provided responses), please email your request, including your contact information with shipping address to mavissanders@tyndale.com.

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