Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named

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Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named
Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named

IN VICTRY magazine together with the international news agency Christian Telegraph released a list of Christian ministers who, on our opinion, had most impact on world Christianity in 2009.

Rick Warren among the most influential Christians of 2009

Rick Warren – newsmaker of the year

Pastor of the famous church in the USA - Saddleback Church, became one of the most important newsmakers in the year of 2009. He led the prayer during President Obama’s inauguration, took stand to protect Christian values in America. His name most often appeared in the news headlines than the names of other Christian ministers.

Brian Huston among the most influential Christians of 2009

Brian Huston – media person of the year

Senior pastor of the Hillsong church Sydney that has its affiliate churches in capital cities of many other countries received the title of the media person 2009. Pastor Huston and his team began to actively use social Internet services in their ministry. The new worship album of Hillsong United jumped to top positions of the world charts and became the leader of downloads on the Internet. Also a major presentation of Hillsong TV-project The I Heart Revolution: We’re All In This Together was held in Sydney this year.

Rick Joyner among the most influential Christians of 2009

Rick Joyner – teacher of the year

The head of the MorningStar Ministries took the role of referee and spiritual mentor of Todd Bentley, who left the ministry in 2008 after the scandal following the divorce with his first wife. In the video interview Rick Joyner took with Todd and his new wife, he tried to show the root of the problem that happened with the young minister and to teach other Christians to escape such problems in the future.

Yonggi Cho among the most influential Christians of 2009

Yonggi Cho – pastor of the year

Pastor of the biggest church in the world, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, held a major conference for pastors. Thousands of Christian leaders from all around the globe came to take part in the conference. Despite of his age Yonggi Cho still continues to build his church and to teach pastors from all over the world to build affective and growing ministry.

John Maxwell among the most influential Christians of 2009

John Maxwell – motivator of the year

One of the most famous Christian writers entered a popular social network on the Internet in 2009. Now he has even more opportunities to share the principals of successful Christian life. His books continue to influence an enormous number of people all around the world, no matter whether they are Christians or not.

Morris Сerrullo among the most influential Christians of 2009

Morris Сerrullo – evangelist of the year

Evangelist with the name known all around the world visited countries of the former USSR in 2009. During his seminars with Christian pastors and leaders, the evangelist shared secrets of successful evangelism. Morris Cerrullo came with his grandson who took over the ministry of his grandfather.

Jaerock Lee among the most influential Christians of 2009

Jaerock Lee – TV evangelist of the year

Pastor of a mega-church in Seoul, South Korea, gave much importance to development of television ministry in his church in 2009. Even in affiliate Manmin churches during the service there are pastor’s Lee sermons broadcasted from the central church. Together with the TBN channel, a major Israel tour was held by Manmin church. Thousands of Christians from Israel as well as from around the world had a chance to view the tour through television.

T.D. Jakes among the most influential Christians of 2009

T.D. Jakes – preacher of the year

One of the most important preachers and a pastor of a big church in the United States of America visited Kiev, Ukraine in 2009. The goal of this visit was to preach for thousands of Russian-speaking Christians during the conference and to millions who watched the conference through television. Despite the economical downfall in the USA, Jakes’ ministry grew and became more affective last year.

Michael Bickle among the most influential Christians of 2009

Michael Bickle – man of prayer 2009

Founder of the International House of Prayer gathered about 500 000 people to take part in the international interdenominational prayer against abortions in Kansas. At his initiative a day and night prayer for the country and for God’s guidance for America began. The prayer movement grew around the country and prayer meetings are now being held in different states.

Mark Andersen among the most influential Christians of 2009

Mark Andersen – the strategist of the year

Initiator of the Christian movement Call2All thought out the plan of affective evangelism and mobilization of all Christian resources in different countries of the world. Conferences dedicated to development of evangelism strategies, are being held all around the world, even in countries forbidden for the Gospel.

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