World Christian Doctors Network held its conference in Kiev

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Delegates from Korea
World Christian Doctors Network held its conference in Kiev

On 30 – 31 October the sixth Conference of the World Christian Doctors Network “Spirituality and Medicine” was held in Kiev, - reports About 400 doctors visited the event. According to the report, about 30% of the delegates were not Christians.

The congress-hall of the hotel President gathered delegates from Philippines, DR Congo, South Africa, USA, Columbia, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Faeroe Islands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Norway, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Armenia, Belarus, Kasakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Korea (organizers of the conference).

Among the main speakers were Rev. Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg, professor and pastor of the church “House of Zion”, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, chairman of Spiritual Diplomacy and Nikolay Shvets, executive director of the Christian centre “Ascension”.

The conference was opened by the worship team from the church “Word of Light” from Ukrainian town of Cherkassy. Mikhail Morgulis and Gilbord Tsoy, the president of the World Christian Doctors Network took the opening word. Dr. Jaerock Lee, founder and pastor of the Manmin church in Seoul, greeted delegates via the video translation from his hometown.

Organizers also held the presentation of the Festival of Holiness “God is Great!,” which took place in Jerusalem. The festival was led in September by Pastor Jaerock Lee, whose church has about 100,000 members in Seoul and 9,000 branch churches around the world (with 2 million members).

During the healing service at the end of the first day of the conference about 150 people were healed.

“During this historic period of time Ukraine was chosen by God to become the place from which the spiritual messages will be sent all around the world. And this conference is a spiritual impulse that will touch many countries and many people. And it might be that out of this chaos that Ukraine is in, a new pure country will arise that will come to God with repentance. I think that if Ukraine comes to God with repentance, the healing would not be only physical, but economical also,” said Mikhail Morgulis.

During the second day of the conference delegates from different countries shared testimonies of document supported healings. Korean worship team impressed everyone with great performance of famous Christian hymns. Organizers shared their plans to hold the next conference in Rome, Italy, in 2010.

The interesting fact is that the World Christian Doctors Network conference in Ukraine was held at the time of the outbreak of the A/H1N1 virus in the country.

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Dr. Gilbert Yoonseok Chae, a Korean surgeon, President of WCDN

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