Obama a student of man who dedicated his book to Satan

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Obama a student of man who dedicated his book to Satan

In a Fox News blog column last week, contributing columnist and writer James Pinkerton re-examines a low-lying, but indisputable connection in Sen. Obama's history that, he says, voters should know about. The lines connecting Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky have in the past been explored in some detail, including in a lengthy piece published in the Washington Post in March of 2007, but have largely flown under the radar in the final leadup to November 4, reports Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews.com.

"Could Lucifer play a role in this presidential election?" writes Pinkerton in his column.

"It may sound crazy, but one of the candidates in this race has publicly praised, even emulated, a writer-activist who himself paid tribute to Lucifer. That’s right, Lucifer, also known as the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub—you get the idea.

Pinkerton wryly observes, "If you’ve never heard of this true fact - and most Americans obviously haven’t - well, that might help to explain why John McCain is behind in the polls."

Pinkerton explains that Obama was a disciple of Saul Alinksy, the Chicago agitator who wrote key works on the methods of left-wing revolutionaries.

In one such book, "Rules for Radicals," Alinsky wrote: “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgement of the very first radical, from all our legends, mythology, and history … the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.”

Sen. Obama is on the public record as being an avid admirer of Saul Alinsky, the man who defined the type of community organizing in which Obama spent his younger years - years that Obama said “gave him the best education of his life.” Ironically, he also said that it was during this time that he "learned the true meaning of my Christian faith."

According to the Post, Obama's political career began when Alinsky's disciples hired the newly-graduated Obama, who was already a follower of Alinsky's thought, to study and implement Alinsky's methods to organize black residents of the South Side.

When The New Republic interviewed Mike Kruglik, one of Obama's early teachers in Alinsky's methods, Kruglik called Obama "the best student he ever had."

According to the Post, even after attending Harvard Law School Obama "continued to teach the Alinsky philosophy."

In his article, Pinkerton asks, "So why hasn’t he [McCain] highlighted the Alinsky-Lucifer connection? Why hasn’t the McCain-Palin ticket raised this issue, knowing full well that if the candidates say it, reporters have to cover it?

"Good questions."

Other than David Freddoso's book “The Case Against Barack Obama” and a smattering of Internet coverage, says Pinkerton, the "Alinksy-Lucifer" connection has gone sorely underreported.

According to Pinkerton the Obama-Alinsky connection is simply one more piece of information about Obama that, when added to the mix, helps prove that the Democratic candidate is not on the same wavelength as most Americans.

"Had McCain really gone after Ayers AND Wright AND Alinsky-Lucifer, all at once," wrote Pinkerton, "he would have had a strong argument that Obama was, and is, well out of the mainstream."

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