Pastor Sunday Adelaja supports Ukrainian nationalism

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Pastor Sunday Adelaja supports Ukrainian nationalism

Senior pastor of the Church Embassy of God, born in Nigeria, Sunday Adelaja defends Ukrainian nationalism, reports RISU. According to him, the Ukrainian nation can only become independent through the nationalist mood. This religious and public figure stated this in an exclusive commentary to a correspondent of RISU’s Ukrainian-language web page posted this story on 23 October.

In response to the question if the phenomenon of racism is typical of the Ukrainian nation, he said “No, I would say that another phenomenon is more typical of the Ukrainian nation, that is nationalism and, perhaps, even patriotism. But, unfortunately, this applies not to all Ukrainians.”

According to him, the racism, against which the Embassy of God now struggles, “is not even a Ukrainian phenomenon.” “I think it is a more Russian phenomenon, which came here. But Russia also sees how bad racism is for a country’s reputation,” stressed the pastor.

At the same time, Adelaja stated that he personally advocates Ukrainian nationalism. “Only through the nationalistic mood can the Ukrainian nation become independent at all. If Ukrainians do not become more nationalistic, I am afraid that this country may come back under the Russian or Polish or Hungarian or some other yoke,” said Sunday Adelaja.

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