Hurricane Irma died out by the prayer of a Korean pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

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Hurricane Irma died out by the prayer of a Korean pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

Announcement from Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, Founder of Spiritual Diplomacy Movement, located in Florida, USA attracted the eyes of many people.

The announcement from a theologian said Hurricane Irma was violently rushing northward to Florida and a great deal of loss was expected to happen, but it died out by the prayer of a Korean pastor.

Hurricane Irma, considered as the worst from among the hurricanes that have occurred in the Atlantic Ocean, swept across many islands passing the Caribbean Sea. It landed Florida of USA as Category 4, and was expected to create a great amount of loss while following the eastern coast that has many major cities. The government announced to the 6.5 million people to evacuate their area and it was the biggest number in the American catastrophic history.

The pressmen expected it to be the worst hurricane in the history, but surprisingly The New York Times reported the loss was much less than expected. The strongest hurricane Irma with category 5 weakened a little to category 3 while passing through the eastern Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, but it was strengthened again to category 4 when it landed the Key West Island, the southernmost of Florida. On September 11 of 2017 it was weakened to category 1 at 2 AM and turned into a tropical storm of 110 km/h 6 hours later.

A theological doctor Mikhail Morgulis, Founder of Spiritual Diplomacy Movement Foundation and a very influential religious leader in the Russian-speaking communities in the US, gave a special testimony to Hurricane Irma.

“Hurricane Irma drove the State of Florida in which I and my family live into a horrible threat. It caused numerous refugees to leave their homes and suffer a lot. The Bible says the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. I hurriedly sent a prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee of South Korea, and asked him to pray to God for US to escape from this disaster and for Hurricane Irma to change its course or die out.”

In the evening of September 8, Dr. Jaerock Lee read the prayer request sent by Dr. Morgulis at his prayer house, and let his heart and body concentrate before God. He earnestly prayed to God for Florida and numerous refugees.

An executive director of Manmin Central Church of South Korea said, “Along with Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, a couple of missionaries, believers, and a Russian pastor who is senior pastor of the biggest Russian church in New York City sent the prayer request.” And he added, “Dr. Jaerock Lee earnestly prayed that the hurricane may die out and US escape from such a disaster.”

Dr. Morgulis said, “I was told Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed to God for it in the evening of September 8. Afterwards the hurricane subtly changed its course and rushed into the western land passing by the eastern coast in which there are many major cities. Meanwhile it lost its strength and weakened to a tropical storm. The power of faith and prayer is so powerful.”

A great number of prayer requests are flooding to Dr. Jaerock Lee from the disaster sites around the globe. Sebastian Impeto, Leader of the Christian Party in Democratic Republic of Congo, stated “In 2014 Ebola virus was rampant in my country Democratic Republic of Congo. I sent the prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee and by his prayer the number of victims and deaths came to an end,” and expressed his sincere trust in Dr. Lee.

After Hurricane Irma weakened, many refugees from Florida began returning home and it is continuing.

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