Priest who criticized the hierarchs of Russian Orthodox Church: died

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Priest who criticized the hierarchs of Russian Orthodox Church: died

The priest Gleb Yakunin, who during the Soviet Union was against the oppression of Christians and criticized the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church for liaison with the KGB, died in Moscow, reports The Christian Telegraph.

According to the website Medusa, during the Soviet Union, Gleb Yakunin was against the oppression of believers. In 1965, together with Nicholay Elishmanom he wrote a letter to Patriarch Alexy- I, and talked about the pressure of the state on the faithful. As a result he was excommunicated from the church.

In 1979 Gleb Yakunin was arrested for anti-Soviet agitation. Until 1987, he was in prison camps, and then he was released by amnesty, and was re-established in the rank.

In 1990, Yakunin was elected as a member of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, and in 1993 as a deputy of the State Duma. In the same year he was degraded from the priesthood again - formally for participation in the elections.

Gleb Yakunin has consistently criticized the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Churches, claiming that they were associated with the KGB. In a recent interview, Yakunin also said that the current Patriarch Kirill has a homosexual orientation, as well as some other church leaders.

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