Gospel for Asia: Happiness and a Hand Tricycle

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Gospel for Asia: Happiness and a Hand Tricycle

By Gospel for Asia

Assist News Agency

The 32-year-old pored over the pages of the Gospel tract. Many times, Sahdev would come to the last page and start over again, wanting to more fully understand its message. Being lame from birth, he had lost hope of having a meaningful life. But now, his life was about to change.

Someone Who Cared

When Sahdev was 6 years old, he began using a hand-driven tricycle to help him get around. But after more than two decades of wear and tear, the tricycle had nearly reached its end. Sahdev had no other form of transportation. His mother, a daily wage laborer and the only income earner since his father’s death, couldn’t afford a new one.

Sahdev had to crawl, using only his hands to pull himself across the ground, to reach the place where he took baths. Sahdev sunk into discouragement.

Then one day, Sahdev met Gospel for Asia pastor Prakash, who offered him the tract that he would go on to read over and over again. As Sahdev’s interest in the things of God grew, Pastor Prakash continued visiting him, sharing with him more about the God who cared.

Opposition Throughout the Area

Photo via assistnews.net
Sahdev’s interest in Christ was unusual. Throughout the several years Pastor Prakash has served in the village, he has found opposition in the hearts of many of the other people in the area. Once, in 2007, Pastor Prakash was walking back to his own village after sharing about Christ’s love when, suddenly, people he didn’t know attacked him and beat him mercilessly. They took his money and his phone, tore his Bible and warned him not to come back.

Pastor Prakash was hospitalized with injuries on his head and hands. When he was released, he stayed in the area, knowing this was the place God had called him to. His burden for the people only increased, and he continued to love and serve them.

After spending time with Sahdev, Pastor Prakash noticed the paralyzed man’s worn-out tricycle. Wanting to help and encourage Sahdev, the pastor asked his leaders for a hand-tricycle to give to Sahdev through a GFA Christmas gift distribution.

A Tricycle Gives ‘New Strength’ and Softens Hearts

Because of gifts from friends of Gospel for Asia, Pastor Prakash was able to give Sahdev a new hand tricycle! And Sahdev was overcome with happiness.

“When I was discouraged, Gospel for Asia blessed me with this tricycle,” he said. “Now I am able to travel to the marketplace easily for purchasing vegetables and other things.”

Sahdev doesn’t have to crawl anywhere anymore; the tricycle takes him wherever he needs to go. Even more than the physical help the tricycle provides, it has brought a level of independence to Sahdev that he hasn’t known in a long time.

“I have a new courage and strength in life,” he says.

Through the Gospel tract, the conversations with the pastor and the gift of a tricycle, Sahdev has seen more of Jesus, and the Lord is working in his heart. Now Sahdev comes to church twice a month.

But the Lord had an even greater, more beautiful purpose for Sahdev’s story.

The people in Sahdev’s village noticed the kindness of the church when Pastor Prakash gave the paralyzed man a tricycle. After the gift, those villagers no longer opposed Pastor Prakash, and they’ve given him an open door to tell them how much God loves them.

Another life and another village can be transformed through your giving this Christmas. Give a Gospel tract, a hand tricycle, or any other gift from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog, and you’ll change lives—for now and for eternity. (www.gfa.org/gift/)

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