Attack now, urges son of Hamas founder

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Attack now, urges son of Hamas founder

“You can’t take refuge in temporary solutions,” Mosab Hassan Yousef told reporters. “Hamashas to be tackled at its roots, uprooted once and for all, and now is the perfect moment to deal with Hamas militarily in Gaza. The longer Israel waits, the more dangerous an enemy Hamas will become and the harder the battle. This is the time to initiate a war against Hamas,” reports Ron Brackin, Special Correspondent, ASSIST News Service.

Yousef is the eldest son of Sheik Hassan Yousef, a founder of the terrorist organization. He also served for a decade as a double agent for Israel’s Shin Bet (comparable to America’s FBI).

Yousef insists that he is not warmongering.

Nearly two months of attacks on Gaza, that left more than two thousand dead and much of the territory in ruins, ended in a ceasefire on August 26.

Yousef called the ceasefire “fundamentally flawed,” warning that Hamas will only rebuild, rearm, and resume its Jihad against Israel

As global headlines announced the ceasefire, the terrorists reportedly had already begun to rebuild the tunnels that served as conduits for Iranian missiles.

“As long as Israel waits for the enemy to become more dangerous,” Yousef said, “future wars [with Hamas] grow more and more difficult. Hit them in the winter, when they are unprepared.

“It needs to be a surprise move, targeting their top echelons. And there needs to be cooperation with Egypt to block the smuggling into Gaza, in order to cut off their supplies of weapons and of material for making weapons. Once that cooperation is in place, start a military operation, without announcing it, targeting everything connected to Hamas, without hitting civilian targets.

“You don’t understand how much the people of Gaza dislike Hamas, even hate it,” he added, “and Hamas fears a protracted struggle with Israel because it does not have a real capacity to stand firm.

“Hamas is not an organization with political imperatives, acting out of political interests. It is first and foremost an ideological movement, and there can be no negotiating or compromising with it. It cannot be appeased through diplomatic compromise. Israel’s leaders have found what they wrongly consider to be a magical solution through temporary ceasefires to what is actually a strategic problem—facing a foul and highly dangerous terror organization. The Israeli government needs to acknowledge its mistake and change its strategy.”

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, too, needs to change, Yousef says.

“He’s not ready for negotiations right now. He’s repeating Arafat’s mistakes. He’s manipulating. He knows Israel is not to blame for the situation in Gaza and yet he accuses it of responsibility. But he won’t be able to control the international community forever.”

Yousef criticized the international community’s failure to act against Islamic State (ISIS), which continues to terrorize northern Iraq and threaten Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

“When Islamic State starts to hurt people in Europe, the Europeans won’t have any more patience for the attacks and the duplicity, just as was the case with Arafat after 9/11. The free world will understand that it is in a battle against ideological organizations employing terrorism, and it will change its attitude to the Palestinians and to Abbas.”

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