Pope Opts to Travel the World with an Argentinean Passport

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Pope Opts to Travel the World with an Argentinean Passport

The apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan, His Excellency Archbishop Daniel Balvo has said that the civil society need to be involved in future peace negotiations for the new nation, reports CISA.

“If there is to be a permanent solution to the problems of South Sudanese, the civil society needs to be involved not just negotiations on the government level. I know some of them went on their own to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia recently for the peace talks anyway but they should be actively involved always,” the Nuncio told CISA on February 17.

He said the civil society and the church have already asked the warring factions to lay down their arms and work out their differences adding that in the end it is the people who are suffering.

The Pope’s representative said, “In a country that has a lot of resources, it will not be easy to develop them unless there is peace.”

He noted that the church was doing a lot to help people in South Sudan through promotion of their welfare and would continue to ensure that peace prevails in the nation.

“It is very hard to promote and create a society with generations of people that all they have known is violence,” added the Nuncio.

Since his appointment as the Apostolic Nuncio to the new nation on December 21, 2013 he has travelled to there once and promises to make numerous visits in future.

On Tuesday February 18, Reuters reported of the first fighting in the provincial capital of the oil-producing state, Upper Nile since rebels and the government signed a ceasefire in January.

Both President Salva Kiir’s government and rebels who support former vice president and rebel leader Riek Machar accused the other of violating the January 23 ceasefire deal brokered by neighboring East African states.

Meanwhile, the apostolic Nuncio said that the church in Kenya must ensure that it promotes unity especially at the coastal town where extremism by the Al shabaab militants has been reported.

The Nuncio said, “Certainly, one of the things that we want to promote is that if there are differences amongst communities we discuss them. I do not know the extent of the religious tensions or just people getting angry with each other there, but I know there are people who have different views.”

“There are people who promote various views but we are trying our best on how to counteract that,” the Nuncio added.

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