Druids invoked ‘spirit of water’ at Paralympics

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via christianvoice.org.uk
Druids invoked ‘spirit of water’ at Paralympics

Druids invoked the ‘spirit of water’ at the end of the Paralympic Games in 2012, Christian Voice can reveal.

In an astonishing pagan ceremony, former army medic and whisky promoter Rory MacKenzie spoke words from a Druid ritual composed by Philip Shallcrass (known as ‘Greywolf’ in the British Druid Order) and Emma Restall Orr (‘Bobcat’).

The ceremony was broadcast live to 750 million people worldwide during the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics. There was no Christian content, no acknowledgement of Almighty God or of his Son, the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, MacKenzie said:

‘I call upon the spirit of Autumn. The spirit of water, of the ebb and flow of emotion; of open seas and running streams, of cleansing rain; spirit of the evening sun, of twilight and of Autumn.

‘I call upon the spirit of Winter. The spirit of earth, of the womb of creation; of the night and the snows of winter, deep roots and ancient stones.

‘I call upon the spirit of Spring. The spirit of air, the breath of life; of sunrise, and of new life and of new growth.

‘I call upon the Spirit of Summer. The spirit of fire, of energy of passion; spirit of the noonday sun, the heat of summer, vitality and abundance.

via christianvoice.org.uk
‘My friends, let the festival commence!

In a video of the ceremony and the ‘festival’, a group of men with flame-throwers can be seen moving about before the olympic flame was passed out. MacKenzie, shaven-headed, sporting a man-bag and clad in a peculiar leather jacket and shorts to expose his artificial lower leg and establish empathy with the paralympians, continued:

The circle is unbroken,

The ancestors awoken.

May the songs of the Earth

and of her people ring true.

Hail to the Festival of the flame

of root and branch, tooth and claw,

fur and feather, of earth and sea and sky

In a separate development, a document has come to light showing that the flooding of much of the Somerset Levels was planned by the EU and environmentalists in the Environment Agency and exacerbated by Government cuts and broken promises. To take just one example, Chris, Lord Smith promised dredging of the rivers last year, but nothing happened.

In a typically sensationalist piece the Daily Mail says the Environment Agency preferred water voles to people, but ironically, many water voles have themselves been drowned. In a further twist, the numbers of voles – the iconic ‘ratty’ in the Wind in the Willows – are seriously down because of predation by mink released from fur farms by animal rights fanatics in the 1980s and 1990s.

The last few weeks have broken all records for rainfall in southern England in particular. Even David Cameron has spoken on the flooding being ‘of Biblical proportions’. Henley-on-Thames councillor David Silvester claimed the flooding was God’s punishment for the passing into law of ‘gay marriage’.

But ‘gay marriage’ can only be seen in such a light as the last straw on the back of an already overladen camel. We bow to the god of environmentalism on the Levels, we invoke demonic pagan spirits in the Olympics, we pass a raft of legislation against the laws of God, and then we are surprised when God allows the most extreme weather for a century to afflict our shores.

Let us be under no illusion. The Almighty is Lord over the weather. he can send or withhold the rain. The Lord Jesus calmed the storm on Lake Galilee. Even if we baulk at the idea of God actually sending the 2014 storms, do we not believe that he can protect a city or a nation?

But if that city or nation deliberately sets its face by its deeds against the Almighty, do we think he will still keep watch over them?

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