Karen Jensen Invited To Serve on Ministry Today Advisory Board

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Karen Jensen Invited To Serve on Ministry Today Advisory Board

Author, Bible teacher and speaker Karen Jensen has been selected to serve on the Advisory Board of Charisma Media's publication Ministry Today, as well as contribute editorial content to the magazine. Jensen's debut book, <b>Why God Why? What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense, was released in July 2013 by Charisma's book division, Charisma House, reports McCain & Co. Public Relations.

"It's such an honor to serve on the board and to be a part of a respected and progressive magazine like Ministry Today," Jensen says. "As a Charisma House author, I love being involved with yet another arm of the company's ministry through this publication."

In her first act as an Advisory Board member, Jensen has written a column for the March-April issue, tentatively titled "What To Do When You've Been Hurt," an article about forgiveness for ministers.

"Karen brings a unique perspective on what God is doing in the church at large, as well as invaluable wisdom and insight from her years of ministry that would undoubtedly benefit our dedicated readership of fellow ministers," said Shawn Akers, editor of Ministry Today.

Jensen's book, Why God Why? addresses her questions and what happened following the sudden death of her young husband. At the time, her husband was senior pastor at a Boise, Idaho, church, a role which Jensen took over after her husband's passing. Jensen currently is an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Okla.

Why God Why? recently landed on Parable's Top 50 list of top selling books through The Parable Group, nestled between Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind by Joyce Meyer and James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. The book was released July 9 by Charisma House.

For more information about Jensen, visit karenjensen.org. For more information about Why God Why?, visit WhyGodWhyBook.com.

About Why God Why?:

When Karen Jensen's 37-year-old husband, Brent, died suddenly, the mother of two sons had questions. In Why God Why?, Jensen writes about her personal experience, the questions she asked and what happened next.

Why God Why?, Jensen's debut from Charisma House, is designed to give hurting people hope, help them move from doubting God to believing Him, and get past the pain to a life of purpose and joy.

"I'm so excited to share what God has done for me in the midst of heartache, and what He absolutely wants to do for others as well," says Jensen. "You may have heard people say, 'Don't question God,' but I don't agree with that. He already knows you're asking the questions in your head. You can't scare Him--He's heard them all before! Besides, He loves you. He's your Father, so ask Him!

The book serves as a guide through the process of asking questions and then moving past the pain. "It's about changing your thinking and letting God love you," says Jensen. "It's about hope, and reclaiming your life!"

A number of Jensen's colleagues have endorsed the new book.

"The crises of life come to us all. What is important is knowing what to do in the crisis. The answer is God's Word and knowing how to apply it in your case. Karen Jensen knows the Word and does the Word. Her easily understood wisdom can help you understand, as well as helping you to benefit others," says Billye Brim, author (The Blood and the Glory) and Bible teacher.

via mccainpr.com
"Karen doesn't just talk the talk, but she has walked the walk. She shares from her own journey--a journey that is full of inspiration and rich instruction. I invite you to learn from her experiences and insights. You'll be glad you did," says Tony Cooke, author (Grace: The DNA of God) and Bible teacher.

"When your life is full of questions, Karen gives you lots of practical and biblical tools to help you get 'unstuck.' It's easy to read and full of faith--I really like this book!" says Patsy Cameneti, author (Secrets to Powerful Prayer) and Bible teacher.

Why God Why? is available at major retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon. For more information about Jensen and Why God Why?, visit

karenjensen.org or WhyGodWhyBook.com.

About Karen Jensen:

Karen Jensen is an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Okla., and the editor and principal writer of the Connections alumni magazine. A professional writer for more than 30 years, she has ghost-written for authors such as Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth W. Hagin, Richard and Lindsay Roberts, and Kate McVeigh. Why God Why? What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense is Jensen's debut release from Charisma House.

Jensen and her husband, Brent, traveled full time as itinerant ministers and also pioneered two churches in the Northwest. In 1997, when Brent died unexpectedly, Jensen became senior pastor at their church in Boise, Idaho, while also parenting their sons, Josh and Ryan.

In addition to her ministry at RHEMA Bible Training College, Jensen conducts parenting seminars and has produced numerous parenting materials, including DVDs, CDs, a devotional and workbook. She also has produced numerous CDs on various topics such as God's Love, Forgiveness, and Getting God's Direction For Your Life.

For more information about RHEMA Bible Training College, visit www.rbtc.org. For more information about Jensen, visit karenjensen.org.

About Charisma House:

Charisma House, Charisma's book division, empowers people through Spirit inspired resources. To active Spirit-filled Christians who are passionate about God, Charisma House is the leading publisher of diversified Christian resources that motivate people to fulfill God's purpose, which is greater than themselves. For over twenty-one years, Charisma House has published books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians, including eleven New York Times best sellers. Charisma House authors include dynamic Christian media personalities, such as best-selling authors John Hagee, Jentezen Franklin, Joyce Meyer, and a host of others.

The publishing company's book imprints include Charisma House, Siloam, Christian Life, Frontline, Excel, Realms, Creation House and Casa Creación.

For more information about Charisma House, visit charismahouse.com.

About Ministry Today:

For 30 years, Ministry Today has served pastors and ministry leaders around the world by equipping them to grow in their personal and corporate spheres. For more information about the Charisma Media publication, visit ministrytodaymag.com.

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