Deborah Buckingham's "Nourishments"

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Deborah Buckingham's "Nourishments"

Noted Bible teacher and first-time author Deborah Buckingham is set for the Spring 2014 release of her debut book, Nourishments, a devotional of pages birthed from a daily habit of tucking encouraging notes into the lunches of her school-age children. The independently published release is aimed at providing daily inspiration for anyone seeking a real relationship with Jesus, reports McCain & Co. Public Relations.

Nourishments contains 260 devotionals, meant to be read Monday through Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday for more in-depth study and to attend church, Buckingham says.

"My prayer is that the words found within the book will nourish your soul in such a way that you will thirst and hunger for more, more of Him," she says.

The book is borne out of Buckingham's time as a stay-at-home mom while her husband, Greg, was building the family business, Dress For Success Cleaners. Aimed at planting Scripture into her children's hearts during their youth, as well as sharing a love note to them in the middle of their school days, Deborah Buckingham started including notes with her children's lunches.

"The seeds for Nourishments were actually planted many years ago when my kids were in school,"Buckingham says. "I used to write little 'nourishments' on index cards and pop them in their lunch bag. The 'nourishments' included a Bible verse personalized for them. Sometimes the index card got thrown away along with the apple without being read, but many other times they would share with me later in the evening how the 'nourishment' spoke to them. In high school, my son would often tell me his friends would ask to hear the 'nourishment' of the day around the lunch table."

Buckingham also wrote personal 'nourishments' on index cards and included them with high school graduation gifts for her children's friends, she says.

Even after her children, who are currently 21 and 23, left high school, Buckingham heard how the encouragement of her routine had impacted her children's friends-sometimes in a life-changing way.

"One of my kids' friends, a high school football player, told me a couple of years after graduation how much the 'nourishments' I had written in the lunchboxes had meant to him,"Buckingham says. "He said, 'I've kept those verses since high school. I've had some really hard times when I thought of doing harm to myself and so I would read them over and it really helped me-it meant a lot to me.'

"It is my prayer that Nourishments will impact my readers' lives with God's Truth and feed their souls with the knowledge of His Love as my little note cards did for my children and their friends."

Even though the official release of Nourishments is months away, the devotional is beginning to garner accolades from a number of Christian leaders.

"Deborah Buckingham helps us to uncover God's love and heart for us in the nuggets of Nourishments she provides in this daily devotional book," says Paul Eshleman, vice president, Campus Crusade for Christ. "Her insightful questions in the devotional help us to answer personally whether we are trusting in God's marvelous promises."

"Nourishments is just that: sustenance for the soul," says popular speaker and author Julia Barnhill. "Each page explodes with the life-giving, life-changing, power of scripture in an easy-to-digest format. Deborah Buckingham's Nourishments joins favorite status on my bookshelf and e-reader, as I believe it will for every person who reads its contents."

The book will be released digitally and through online retailers in Spring 2014, with a brick-and-mortar retail store release in Fall 2014.

For more information about Nourishments and Buckingham, visit

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