Euro-Parliament: All Sexual Identities are Equal

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Euro-Parliament: All Sexual Identities are Equal

As Members of the European Parliament prepare to vote tomorrow on the Lunacek Report, an attempt to enshrine "LGBT rights" as a unique tier of human rights, Luca Volontè, Chairman of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, called on MEPs to defend the universal value of human rights and reject the report:

"By seeking to codify certain rights, with special privileges and exemptions over and above our current definition of human rights, and apply them only to one group of persons while at the same time denying those same rights to others, Ms Lunacek is destroying the fundamental equality of our justice system. If we begin to tailor our legal understanding with laws that are not universal in their nature - that only afford rights to politically favoured groups of people - we will be responsible for creating a two-tiered system. Such irresponsible manipulation will fatally undermine the most important foundation of the concept of human rights: the universality of their applicability.

In so doing, Lunacek transforms the very definition of a human right from a universal recognition of every person's equal worth and dignity into an arbitrary political allocation." Volontè warned.

Whilst misleadingly presented by its proponents as a mere bolstering of LGBT rights, the Luncek report includes a raft of measures designed to implement the political principles of the LGBT lobby throughout all areas of EU legislation. Namely, the report calls on the European Commission to 'mainstream' LGBT issues throughout all policy formation, thereby offering the LGBT lobby a veto on any legislation. Furthermore, the report suggests existing laws restrict the freedom of expression of the LGBT community and any such restrictions should be eradicated; this would allow LGBT organisations immunity from the limitations on freedom of speech that are applied to everyone else. In addition to this, hate crimes considered homophobic would have to be classified as a separate category and subject to new criminal penalties.

All of which exceeds the mandate of the European Union, encroaching on the sovereignty of national parliaments to determine their own laws in this regard. Speaking from his office in Strasbourg, Nirj Deva MEP, President of the International Committee on Human Dignity, stated:

"Ms Lunacek's report is the latest example of overzealous europhiles seeking to impose their personal social doctrine upon all member-states; irrespective of national parliaments and irrespective of national cultures. The rights of British people, whether they are gay, straight or otherwise are sufficiently safeguarded by British law; we have neither need nor desire for the EU to divide our society and people into separate tiers of rights and privileges."

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