Korean revilal: How the church helps the needy

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Korean revilal: How the church helps the needy

The well-known Christian Protestant Manmin Church, located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is known for a well-developed network of ministries, many of which have already entered the international level. There is a major training center for missionaries at the church. Also there is a worship service, a full symphony orchestra, a large number of different creative groups and teams, world-known Christian Doctors Network, a large TV service, and much more. Additionally, the senior

pastor of the church points out that Manmin church gives the great attention to the charity. Jaerock Lee, the senior pastor of Manmin church personally participates in different charitable programs and often gives his own money to help the needy, reports Christian Telegraph.

Thus, the church has one of the largest retirement homes in country where they care for elderly people. The President of the Charity center, Byunyon Khan, recently got a special reward from the Health Minister of South Korea. It was awarded for his dedication to this work and for social activities. The center, of which he is in charge, has been selected as one of the best placeless for elderly people.

“After I was saved, I felt a call to do this ministry: to help those who need help, Byunyon Khan said. It was my passion.” He does not intend to stop there; he has enormous plans “build a large charitable city which will have hospital buildings and a hotel.” He also wants to build a special house for retiring pastors so that “in their honorable age, they will have a place for living with everything they need to the end of their earthly days.” Khan emphasizes that the pastors have done great work today, so he wants to “give them the opportunity to have some rest during their retirement time, have no concerns about shelter and sustenance.”

It should be noted that the ministers of Manmin church often come to this charitable center to or lead the service there, give a necessary help, or pray with those who may be close to death. For example, the doctors from the World Christian Doctors Network visit this center to do a health examination: they measured the blood pressure, check your levels of blood sugar, counseling patients in the surgery and therapy issues, family medicine and psychiatric disorders.

“During the holidays, we wanted to help give the grace of God to lonely and poor people,”said elder Gilbert Chae, president of the World Christian Doctors Network. Dr. “Lee became an example for the members of the World Christian Doctors Network, an organization which is constantly helping and supporting needy people. I hope our ministry will help to trust God again and give themselves into His caring hands.”

Also people from hairdressing mission came to serve to the people who live in the center. They gave haircuts and people were very grateful. An Lang, 81, shared her impression with us: “ I've lived here for a year, but I could not bring myself up, because it's hard for me to move. And members of Mammin church came and helped me.”

In November 2012 the United Women’s Mission of the Central Manmin church had its 15th annual event called "Share the Love” where the needy received a national Korean dish – kimchi. More than a thousand people cooked this meal. Meals were also sent to the local center for people with special needs and the Korean rehabilitation center. The Manmin church has been conducting this since Korea was hit by the Asian financial crisis. The church serves food monthly to old, lonely people and under-age heads of the family. The church also helps students pay for their studies.

Chan Choe, the elder of the Manmin church said that when he was attending another church, he came to the pastor Jaerock Lee with a request, “I came to the Manmin church to help our pastor who was serving poor people. We were going to do a great free charitable dinner for the needy. I came to this church to ask for a help. Before that, I discussed the financial issues with our pastor. Then we agreed to ask the pastor Jaerock Lee for 5 million won (about 5000 dollars). When we met with the senior pastor of the Manmin church, we asked him if he could help us and give this amount. He simply told to his assistant to give us money. You know, in that moment I felt the kindness and generosity of the senior pastor. He didn’t object to our request, although the money that we asked for was a lot, even for the big church. I knew that the senior pastor of the Manmin wanted to help poor people. I saw how he was happy that was able to give us this amount.”

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