People accepted Christ during Christmas Celebration in Nepal

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Christmas Celebration in Nepal
People accepted Christ during Christmas Celebration in Nepal

By Missionary Ruben Rasaili

Mission for Tribes and Nations Nepal

It was my great pleasure to speak word of God among widows, down syndrome, orphan and semi orphan children in Laugai VDC this Dec 19. Pastor Ram Babu Bk organized this one day Christmas Celebration Program where he distributed warm cloths, New Testaments Bibles, feed, helped buy clothes for widow. He did much things and blessed about 40 orphan and poor kids in this winter with warm sweater, warm caps, trousers, stationary etc. May God bless him and also About Face Mission Entire Team to support him.

After children ministry in Laugai NP, we start our motor bike and start our trip toward Makawanpur District. We reached at 8 p.m. night where all the villages were closed. We take a small room in hotel and take rest.

Early in the morning, we woke up - spent time in prayers and worship and we went toward villages. We saw notice board there where it was written.


This Board hurt me badly for the people because Satan is so active that it is now raising up poor tribal people to stop Gospel.

When we reached there, people were cooking rice, meat and preparing pickles. People were started coming to that program. We organized it for our missionaries who were in Himalayas and for their wife.

We asked them to bring some Hindu people too in the Christmas Celebration Program so they did too.

Then after few hours, our missionaries and their people came to the ground. We started thanking God. Some people were cooking rice behind us and rest of the people join with us in worship and celebration. Pastor Peter, who was with me, he lead praise and worships for some time. Tribal people who were unsaved started dancing when we were singing.

People were so much touched with Holy Spirit also in forest. It was really awesome presence of God there. Some people started tongues too.

After praise and worship, we thank God for gathering us in this area. Then I again got opportunity to encourage them. I was thinking what to preach but God spoke something which I was not preparing to speak. The message was this:

Mathew 2:10 - 11

When wise man follow star - it took to the place where Jesus was born. When they see Jesus, they were overjoyed and they DID 3 things there.

1) They respect Jesus with their body [ bow down and respect ]

2) They gave the treasure they have [ they respect Jesus by what they have ]

3) In 11, they went from another way to their country [ they change their path ]

The conclusion was this: when wise people saw Jesus, they respect Jesus with their body, respect with their treasure and finally they change their direction. Similarly, after seeing Jesus born, is your path changed?

Then after this almost 40 people gathered and started asking us. They want to change their Directions. They want Jesus to born in their homes. They want to be good children of God. Then we pray for them.

After message, we have strong prayer for new people and also for leaders. We pray for missionaries needs to meet, hug each other, love each others, and went toward Lunch. People were more than 120 during lunch time.

The food was so delicious and tasty. Every people they take rice 2 and 3 times. They were so happy. Lovely and we thank God for this meeting.

This is our story of this trip.

There were 30 missionaries couple attended where they brought 2 / 3 Hindu people for lunch. We got an golden opportunity to preach Word of God. After message, 40 people repented and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Thank you for your regular prayers supports for the work of God in Nepal.


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