Handkerchief Healing Crusades in Singapore and Malaysia

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Main Speaker Pastor Sungchil Lee
Handkerchief Healing Crusades in Singapore and Malaysia

From September 13 to 22 in 2012, Handkerchief Healing Crusades were held in Singapore and Malaysia for the overseas Chinese (Acts 19:11-12). The Speaker, Pastor Sungchil Lee from Manmin Central Church, proclaimed the holiness gospel and showed that God is alive by signs that followed the message in the crusades and pastors' and church leaders' seminars, reports Manmin News.

These meetings that served as a trigger for full-scale mission works for the overseas Chinese were hosted by Pastor Mary Liu, President of Christian Prayer Center in Singapore. She invited the Manmin mission team and held the crusades and seminars for the overseas Chinese pastors and church members from Taiwan, the PRC, Australia, and countries of Southeast Asia and Europe. In 2007, she was deeply moved by Dr. Jaerock Lee's books Heaven I & II and visited Manmin Central Church. Since then, she has continued close relations with Manmin.

In particular, Mr. Kam Tin Seah, Mrs. June Rebecca and her husband, and Missionary Ping Ping Wong from Singapore and Mrs. Deborah Tang from Malaysia, who had been blessed through Dr. Lee's powerful ministry and his books, supported the crusades and seminars with their hearts, finances, and dedication.


On September 13 and 14 in 2012, the crusades were conducted with a total of around 760 in attendance in the Shine Auditorium in Singapore. The first crusade began with the preliminary praise led by Missionary Ping Ping Wong and the opening ceremony was performed by pastors and church leaders from 8 countries including Singapore.

The Sound of Light Chorus of Manmin Central Church has given a special performance every crusade. Pastor Liu said, "I saw the Rapture in a vision 23 years ago. Since then, I have proclaimed that we Christians should be on the alert preparing for the Lord's second coming. When I saw the picture of the Rapture in Manmin Central Church, it was the same as what I had seen in the vision and it greatly touched my heart."

There was the video presentation of DVD 'Power of God VI' that contains Dr. Jaerock Lee's powerful ministry. The attendees were impressed by it and asked Pastor Sungchil Lee for prayer. Pastor Sungchil Lee prayed for the sick with the handkerchief which Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed on. Men with difficulty in walking came to walk well and people were healed of shoulder pain, backache, and so on.

On September 14 in 2012, there were two crusades in the morning and in the afternoon. After Pastor Lee preached the message and prayed for the sick with the handkerchief, many people testified to their healing of many diseases including difficulty in walking and bad eyesight. On September 15, Pastors' and Church Workers' Seminar were held in Quality Hotel with around 190 people in attendance from eight countries including Australia and Belgium. They wanted continuous cooperation with Manmin and asked us to send our church mission teams to Taiwan, China, and East Malaysia. On September 16, Singapore Manmin Church offered up its Opening Service in overflowing joy and thanks with Missionary Ping Ping Wong as its minister.


On September 18, 2012, our mission team visited Malaysia Manmin Publisher and its president Ms Deborah Tang, and substantiated the importance of publication ministry through Dr. Jaerock Lee's books. In the evening, another crusade was held in Calvary Life Assembly with about 750 people in attendance and many people were healed through the prayer of handkerchief and gave glory to God.

In the morning on September 19, the Manmin mission team paid a visit to Pastor Mary Liu's Melaka Prayer House and then moved to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. In the evening, a crusade was conducted in Borneo Evangelical Kuala Lumpur Chinese Church. In the crusade the Sound of Light Chorus' beautiful performance and the video presentation 'Power of God VI' caused unceasing applause from the attendees. In the crusade held on September 20, most of attendees who received prayer were healed and gave glory to God. At 1 P.M., on the same day, Pastors' and Church Workers' Seminar was also conducted.

On September 21, the Handkerchief United Crusade was held in Restoran Sun Lee How Fook hosted by many churches in Ipoh and attended by around 550 people. A pastor preached about the revival of Christians in Malaysia and the work of reversal and put an emphasis on the importance of Christian life.

On September 22, in the evening, a crusade was held again in St. Peter's Church, Ipoh with 500 people in attendance. There was DVD presentation that shows Dr. Jaerock Lee's 2009 Israel United Crusade. Watching it, the attendees gave glory to God with big applause.

This mission work showed overseas Chinese believers' longing hearts for the holiness gospel and the power of God. They bought around 830 volumes of Dr. Lee's books there and many of them requested Manmin to make the DVD 'Power of God VI' available on the market. Additionally, they even asked us to hold more crusades. We have high expectation for overseas Chinese ministry that will be done in the fiery works of the Holy Spirit.

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