‘Heavenly Man’ Brother Yun answered the web-conference’s questions

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‘Heavenly Man’ Brother Yun answered the web-conference’s questions

Paul Hattaway’s book The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun tells the story about an ordinary boy, who has become famous in his country and abroad.

Brother Yun’s life is a story of faith, loss, tests and government pressure. He was convicted more than once for his religious beliefs. Once, when questioned by the Committee of Public Security, he refused to tell his real name and abiding place. While being tortured, Yun cried “I am a heavenly man! My home is in heaven!”

“It is not great men who change the world, but weak men in the hands of a great God,” wrote Paul Hattaway, describing Yun.

Now Brother Yun is one of the leaders of a house church in China.


Your book has challenged me a lot. Come to Ukraine more often, we would like to see you in the city Kremenchug.

That is in Gods hand.


Have you personally read a book, written about yourself? Is everything written there truth or there are some additions from the side of the author?

I have read it and every thing is how it has happen.


Is there such a concept in China as "interconfessional disagreements"?

Yes, but God is working every where. It is more that some emphasize something and other something else.


What can you advise Christians of the "western" churches in order to stay "hot" for God? How many missionaries are there in China? How effective is their job?

Pray, Pray and Pray, and desire The will of God. God knows, hundreds out of China and thousands for minority's of China. There are 500 minorities in China.

Some countries they are very effective, some it is more planting.


I admire you and your deeds in the sake of Christ and your "foolness" for Christ. There are very few modern Christians, who can do it, I am talking first of all about me. I feel shame. Many of those, whom I gave a book "Heavenly man" either do not believe it or are in the condition of self-condemnation.

Do you plan to visit Christian churches in Russian in the nearest future? God bless you!!!

It is same with Bible, some believe some are not. Blessed those who believe. I do not plan to visit Russia in nearest future.


Dear Brother Yun, I admire your deeds of faith. We want to pray more for you. And for us to succeed in this, please tell us what are you called for according to Ephesians 4:10-12? (Sasha Zyatev)

Apostle of today as servant of God.


Some Christians believe that a true revival may come only when Christians are persecuted. What is your opinion? How many Christians will be there in China, if authorities didn’t impede spreading of the Gospel? How many Christians are there in China today? (Digger)

Revival comes from God and He use those as let Him do it. Only God know how many Christians there are in China, they are not registered. May be 150 millions.


Dear Brother Yun, do you have revelation about the last days? Let God strengthen you and only His will be fulfilled in your life. We admire your family and ministry. Your wife’s life is a good example for all sisters. (lenok-fiva)

Jesus is coming soon, as the Great command is done.


Once, I saw a reportage about underground churches in China. It was reported that Chinese believers have problems with heresy. Is it true? And what kind of heresy you can mention? Thank you. (Comp)

I do not say that believers have so much heresy, but there are really many kind of heresy in China. All what you have in west and then east.


I think it is a great blessing to go through all difficulties. It is a blessing to be persecuted for Christ. God bless you! (igor1969g0d)

All is from God and it works good for those who love Him.


Dear Brother Yun, we thank Jesus for your faith, love and fortitude. I was deeply touched by the book about you. Can you describe God’s minister? What priorities must he have in his life? God bless you abundantly. (Circaetus)

Trust God and follow His will, how ever it seems.


Is tithe collected in Chinese churches? (Comp)



How many people attend house churches? (Sergey Bishkek Kyrgyzstan)

Only God know how many Christians there are in China, they are not registered. May be 150 millions.


What did you fill when questioned by the Committee of Public Security? Were you hesitating and what helped you to resist? (advocat)

Help of Holy Spirit and the Love of God.


You were convicted by Chinese authorities. For how long were you imprisoned? (Ukrainian)

Approximately 8 years.


Is dialogue between Chinese authorities and churches possible? (Igor)

Some times yes but not very fruitfully.


What kind of churches is more effective: underground or registered? (VS)

Those that but God first, often underground.


Thank you for the beautiful book and your example as a minister. Where do you hold services today? How can we invite you to Kiev? (leonidl)

My program during this visit is organized by brother Misha, unfortunately at this time it is not possible to extend my stay. My yearly schedule is organized by brother Taisto Tirronen. So if there is a wish to invite me to Ukraine again, it should be organized through brother Taisto.


Today you serve in Church. Do authorities persecute you? How can Christians influence on situation in China (besides prayers)? (Yuris)

Because I am now living in Germany, I don't have any contact or relationship with the Chinese government. The churches in China, besides praying, first and foremost strive to fills people's hearts with God's love. They also address the government with letters, pointing out how God's love in the hearts of the people is something that benefits the entire nation.


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