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[14:05]  Russia: Protestant Bishop gave lecture in the Islamic institute (exclusive)
[13:20]  3 Things We Learned from the Supreme Court Yesterday (press)
[12:55]  Will youth inevitably support same-sex marriage?
[12:20]  Six-time Grammy winners hit #1 on Billboard Sales Chart (press)
[11:45]  Baltimore archbishop: With God, a broken city can heal
[11:20]  Clinton, Paul talk abortion on 2016 campaign trail
[10:35]  Pope Francis donates $100,000 to Nepal relief efforts


[15:40]  T.D. Jakes and TRC Founders' Statement on Baltimore (press)
[14:55]  Ukrainian Bishop called to pray for religious freedom in Russia (exclusive)
[13:45]  House of Peace Set To Launch Debut CD June 9 (press)
[12:35]  Holy See: No to nuclear weapons, yes to nuclear technology
[11:25]  Newest ISIS franchise: Boko Haram
[10:15]  Baltimore violence shows need for 'a better way'
[09:05]  Supreme Court asks tough questions of both sides


[16:55]  President of Ukraine awarded the church volunteer (exclusive)
[16:35]  DC’s March for Marriage draws thousands
[16:00]  Will Graham Shares Message at the Ohio Valley Celebration (press)
[15:25]  Oregon judge fines Christian bakers $135,000
[15:05]  Nepal earthquake affects thousands (press)
[14:15]  Nepal's quake prompts prayer; Baptists respond
[13:05]  Leaders urge conscience protections in recognizing marriage


[12:05]  Russian Orthodox Church expresses condolences to Nepal (exclusive)
[09:40]  David Britton to Join CCM Legends in Concert (press)
[08:55]  Clinton: Religious beliefs against abortion have to be changed
[07:45]  Let Us Also Mourn the 458,000 Lost in War on Unborn (press)
[06:15]  Pastors' Conference to spotlight Christ, not fads
[05:05]  Pope Francis assures Nepal earthquake survivors of his prayers


[09:40]  Moscow Good News Church launched the internet-church (exclusive)
[07:20]  Above the Fall Preps for Release of Debut EP April 28 (press)
[05:10]  Uzbekistan: Short-term jailings, fines and harassment


[10:00]  Billy Sprague's 'Songs in the Key of Awe' Impacts Retail (press)
[09:15]  Therapy Ban Dies in Senate (press)
[08:50]  Miliband courts Christian vote
[06:40]  Southern Baptists urged to pray for court, marriage
[04:30]  Is dialogue with Islam possible? Yes, Vatican says


[21:50]  Marriage Goes to Court (press)
[21:35]  Bishop: Boko Haram is spreading to Cameroon
[21:10]  In 2015, Can Christians Have Muslim Friends? (press)
[20:25]  Cardinal George praised at funeral for faith
[19:15]  Senate reaches anti-trafficking compromise
[18:05]  Marriage march in DC expects diverse, wide-ranging support


[19:05]  Ukraine: 15000 people attended New Generation churches (exclusive)
[07:45]  Grateful friends mark Henry Blackaby's 80th (press)
[06:35]  Paul Good Finds Fresh Energy During Current Tour (press)
[05:25]  Egypt's president pressured toward reform
[04:15]  Iraqi bishop says education is needed for change
[03:05]  Obama urged to name envoy for religious minorities


[17:30]  Protestant leaders from Russia and France held a meeting (exclusive)
[16:55]  Missio Nexus Announces New President: Ted Esler (press)
[16:20]  Pope: Blood of Ethiopian Christians 'cries out to be heard'
[15:45]  Some city councils cave after Supreme Court prayer ban
[15:05]  Oklahoma City archbishop calls for mercy to temper justice
[14:40]  Chile approves gay unions: president pushes for gay ‘marriage’


[18:55]  Marriage rooted in creation, Mohler says in televised forum
[18:40]  Ukraine: God Seekers Movement Founder taught in Bible college (exclusive)
[17:45]  Iorg warns of 'recasting' Scripture's 'plain meaning'
[15:25]  HHS mandate loses again: Pennsylvania Catholic groups
[14:15]  Syrian refugees to hit 4M; Baptists continue serving
[13:05]  International religious freedom bill hopes to fight terrorism


[09:15]  Kazakhstan: Baptist facing three years jail
[07:00]  East European Forum Director: Church needs reformation (exclusive)
[05:05]  Stacey Spencer Tapped as Mistress of Ceremonies (press)


[09:25]  Muslims expected to become second-largest U.S. religious group (press)
[07:15]  Michael Milton Reveals 'The Secret Life of a Pastor' (press)
[05:05]  R&R Records Introduces Debut Single by Jessica Love (press)


[19:10]  Social media: hashtag dos & don'ts for churches
[18:50]  On 88th birthday, Benedict XVI lauded for emphasis on mercy
[18:25]  Faith is used as a ‘cover for hatred’: Canadian politician
[18:15]  Getting married? These Catholics can help
[17:55]  Tenn. turns back Bible as official state book
[17:35]  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago dies at 78


[18:55]  Gay marriage gap widens for evangelicals & culture
[18:20]  Papal blessings for Asia Bibi’s family
[18:05]  Global religious freedom draws leaders' appeal


[19:25]  Shouldn't Christians Just Obey the Law? (press)
[19:15]  Patriarch of Georgia warned against gambling business (exclusive)
[07:55]  John Hagee's 'The Three Heavens'-Who Wins the Battle for Souls (press)
[06:45]  2050's challenges –- from risk to friendship (press)
[05:35]  StatsCan: 182 children born alive, then died, after abortions
[04:25]  White House decries therapy for homosexuals


[16:00]  Fires in Russia: Christians were affected (exclusive)
[15:15]  Share A Prayer App Now Available as a Facebook Desktop App (press)
[14:05]  11 'normal' ways missionaries share the Gospel
[13:30]  Evangelization isn't a synonym for advertising, Pope says
[12:55]  Caution urged with YouTube Kids app
[11:45]  Kenyan bishop laments terrorism, calls for unity


[09:25]  Nicaragua strengthens laws defending traditional marriage
[08:15]  'Radical righteousness' needed for S.C. shooting
[07:05]  Paris wax museum unveils statue of Pope Francis


[05:35]  Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (press)


[06:35]  New service for churches was launched (exclusive)
[04:25]  New music project may help curb biblical illiteracy (press)


[15:35]  Gospel, politics to draw focus of ERLC conf.
[14:25]  Christian NHS worker wrong to talk about faith, says Tribunal
[13:15]  'Pray for Marriage' ERLC urges for Supreme Court


[18:30]  Film about an Ukrainian pastor to be shown in New York (exclusive)
[08:45]  What Is Religious Freedom? (press)
[07:35]  Film 'Faith of Our Fathers' Marks Vietnam War 50th Anniversary (press)
[06:25]  Britain stands with persecuted Christians
[05:15]  Florist fined in gay-wedding case, raises $100,000
[04:05]  Colorado: Baker's livelihood still at risk


[16:55]  Saint-Petersburg Orthodox Christians appealed to Ukrainians (exclusive)
[08:20]  Mikhail Morgulis: The Totalitarian Essence of Liberalism (press)
[07:55]  Wycliffe Associates Supports Bible Translators in Africa (press)
[06:45]  BEYOND THE MASK Sets Record for On-Demand Distribution (press)
[05:35]  GuideStone honored with 2 Lipper Fund awards
[04:25]  Christians Targeted in Attack on a Kenyan University College
[03:15]  Do we really understand Boko Haram? (press)


[16:45]  Heads of churches call Ukrainians to fight corruption (exclusive)
[07:35]  Right to Life Challenges Abortion Supervisory Committee (press)
[06:25]  Pope: In this violent world, we need Christ's resurrection
[05:15]  Canadian court drops charges against reverend
[04:05]  In Ukraine, Churches confront fearsome suffering


[09:40]  The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections (press)
[03:20]  New Book from Kay Wills Wyma deals with envy (press)


[09:15]  Operation Mobilisation Ships completes the 'Power Up' project (press)
[05:05]  50 Years Later: The Reconciled Church Marches Forward (press)


[11:25]  34,000 black churches cut ties with the Presbyterian Church USA
[10:15]  Fake news story that forced an Indiana pizzeria to shut down
[09:05]  Iran deal unlikely to prompt religious liberty


[13:25]  Evangelist Will Graham Returns to the Philippines (press)
[12:15]  Crimea: Religious freedom survey, March 2015
[11:05]  Nigerian Christians place hope in Muslim leader
[10:30]  Real Meaning of Easter Dropped along with Chocolate Eggs
[09:55]  Where was Jesus tried? (press)


[15:55]  Muslim evangelism: earn 'right to be heard'
[14:45]  N.Y. mayor renews pledge to churches
[13:35]  100,000 ask Mexican Supreme Court to affirm right to life
[12:30]  View of God's image urged at race summit
[11:25]  Poll finds Americans support religious freedom laws
[10:15]  Survey: Americans see value in church attendance
[09:05]  500 British priests ask Synod to stand firm on Church teaching
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