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[18:05]  Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic visited Russia (exclusive)
[11:45]  Phil Keaggy Meets with Industry Leaders at NRB 2015 (press)
[10:35]  Crimea: One percent of religious organisations re-registered
[09:25]  South Sudan Pastor Jailed after Radical Muslims Threaten Him
[08:15]  ERLC summit: Reconciliation is Gospel imperative
[07:05]  Pope: Holy Week is about humility – there is no other way


[05:30]  How the U.S. Compares With the World on Religious Restrictions (press)


[10:45]  The Kiev Good News Church celebrated its 8th anniversary (photoreport, exclusive)
[06:15]  Pope Francis to visit White House Sept. 23


[07:25]  Faith leaders decry ‘persecution’ of Canadian Christians
[06:15]  Free Online Easy-To-Read Bible Completed (press)
[05:05]  March for Life in the Czech Republic draws thousands to Prague


[16:05]  New Generation Pastor: There are no impossible things for God (exclusive)
[14:30]  John Schlitt Meets with Broadcast Professionals during NRB 2015 (press)
[13:55]  Code for the Kingdom: Hackers will unite to advance the Gospel (press)
[12:45]  Kenya: Five Christians Killed, One Critically Wounded
[11:35]  India: Anti-Christian attacks up 55%
[10:25]  Catholics join fury over savage killing of Afghan woman
[09:05]  Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: Ukraine's Religious War


[18:00]  The Russian church practices prayers of silence (exclusive)
[10:55]  Documentary exposes Green Movement's attack on Christianity (press)
[09:45]  Emery Premieres First Track from "You Were Never Alone" (press)
[08:35]  LifeWay pulls 'heaven visitation resources'
[07:25]  Vatican offers solidarity for victims of Alps plane crash
[06:15]  Judge censors Bible for public preaching
[05:05]  Egypt's president calls for moderated Islam


[16:55]  The song of the year in Ukrainian Christianity was awarded (photoreport, exclusive)
[11:45]  Filmmaker Yochanan Marcellino takes 'The Identical' to NRB 2015 (press)
[10:35]  New Life for Dr. King's Dream: Rise of The Reconciled Church (press)
[09:25]  Mexico: Protestants Imprisoned and Forcibly Displaced
[08:15]  New bill defends faith-based adoption agencies
[07:05]  Rome's poor receive 1,000 pounds of food from Pope Francis


[17:15]  Study: The majority of Ukrainians trusts church (exclusive)
[09:45]  House of Peace Frontman Promotes Debut CD at NRB 2015 (press)
[08:35]  Casting Crowns' singer undergoes cancer surgery
[07:25]  President Obama Again Demands Iran Release Saeed Abedini
[07:00]  David Britton Promotes Upcoming CD, 'The Storm,' at NRB 2015 (press)
[06:15]  Canada: Catholic schools have right to teach Church views
[05:05]  Saddleback Church Celebrates 35 Years of Global Impact


[08:05]  Kendrick Brothers Debut ‘WAR ROOM’ Teaser Trailer (press)


[10:25]  Moscow National Prayer Breakfast: Everybody spoke about Christ (exclusive)
[06:00]  Billy Sprague Promotes Upcoming CD at NRB 2015 (press)


[10:25]  Presbyterian Church (USA) have voted to redefine marriage
[09:15]  Imprisoned American Pastor Writes Son for His Birthday
[08:05]  Pope condemns Tunisia attack


[16:55]  IN VICTORY Magazine: Should one believe in the war prophecies? (exclusive)
[16:30]  Want a happy marriage? Save sex for 'I do,' new study finds
[16:00]  Grammy winners release 2nd music video from top album (press)
[15:55]  Children of same-sex parents write letter to Dolce, Gabbana
[14:45]  FCBH Announces Aerospace Advisory Council (press)
[13:35]  Pope: A society that doesn't want children is 'sad and gray'


[16:05]  President of Kazakhstan spoke about the impact of Protestants (exclusive)
[08:40]  Hindu priest breaks into tears after elderly nun raped
[07:55]  Uganda: Christian Girl Who Fled Beating By Muslim Uncle Dies
[06:45]  Church plants: 5% gain in 2014
[05:35]  Catholic-owned company wins final victory against HHS mandate
[04:25]  Perry LaHaie's New Radio Single Goes for Adds (press)
[03:20]  Worship Anthem Theme For Social Media Movement (press)


[13:30]  National Prayer Breakfast is held in Moscow (exclusive)
[12:05]  Prayer initiative for Belarus was created in social networks
[11:30]  Lesbian speaker at Bapt. college prompts protest
[09:55]  Muslim Turns from Jihad to Christ in Nigeria
[08:45]  80,000-plus Bibles shipped to Cuba for churches
[07:35]  Pakistani Christians mourn bomb victims


[19:25]  Russian Bishop about how to reconcile Ukrainians and Russians (exclusive)
[19:05]  Rock Band Above the Fall Promotes Debut EP at NRB 2015 (press)
[18:55]  Amnesty International Supports Men’s rights to buy sex (press)
[18:45]  'A.D.: The Bible Continues' launches April 5
[18:30]  Pope grieves Pakistan bombings
[18:15]  Deadly Blasts Hit Pakistan Churches in Lahore


[09:40]  Church's role, same-sex attraction addressed (press)
[03:55]  '90 Minutes in Heaven': Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth (press)


[14:45]  Catholic Church: competition during Children's Day of Grodno diocese (press, exclusive)
[10:10]  March 15, 2015: A day of fasting, prayer for war-torn Syria (press)
[05:25]  Jean Watson Promotes Upcoming CD, 'Overcome,' at NRB 2015 (photoreport, press)


[16:40]  Democrats: sex trafficking bill because it limits abortion funding (press)
[14:15]  Internally displaced in Ukraine: 1.4 million (press)
[13:40]  Catholic Relief Services: MTV show glorifying promiscuous sex (press)
[12:55]  Catholics supporting Archbishop on school identity feel silenced (press)
[11:40]  Street preacher on trial for gospel preaching (press)
[10:35]  S. Korean Baptists offer help to Syrian refugees (press)
[09:20]  Americans are still divided on why people are gay (press)
[07:35]  "Who can forbid us from praying?" Yet raids, fines continue (press)
[06:40]  Chris Whittington Promotes Debut CD, 'Bright Portal,' at NRB 2015 (press)
[04:15]  Extension of the trial and adjourning the court: TV-channel STB (press, exclusive)


[16:55]  Willful ignorance of global-scale persecution unacceptabl (press)
[15:50]  Creighton theology prof: ‘morally neutral’ toward homosexuality (press)
[14:25]  Couple offers undocumented youth new life (press)
[13:40]  New Khmer translation opens new doors for the Gospel (press)
[12:05]  Malawian bishops visit flooded areas: solidarity and delivering aid (press)
[11:20]  British woman gives birth to her own grandson (press)
[10:35]  Maryland lawmakers warned against assisted suicide bill (press)
[09:40]  Police rescue baby trapped in car submerged in river for 14 hours (press)
[08:55]  Liberian schools helped by WMU after Ebola (press)
[08:05]  Dan Savage: A pornographic sex columnist (press)
[07:30]  Triple disaster in Japan remembered (press)
[06:15]  Could Bible become official state book of Tenn.? (press)
[05:20]  Economic progress for Syria's women proves a silver lining amid war (press)
[04:45]  Sue Detweiler Cruises into NRB 2015 (press)
[03:50]  Helsinki Commission to Hold Hearing on Northern Ireland (press)


[16:05]  Abedini's 'dark day' sparks more calls for release (press)
[15:30]  Italian bishop to offer Good Friday Way of the Cross meditations (press)
[14:45]  Madonna’s daughter is ‘horrified’ by 56-year-old’s sexual songs (press)
[13:10]  What Separation of Church and State? (press)
[12:25]  A boy's disability opens doors to share the Gospel (press)
[11:50]  A milkshake for the Pope: A sweet way to support Francis in Philly (press)
[10:35]  Protect sex-ed from parents says health board (press)
[09:20]  Knights of Columbus among world's most ethical companies (press)
[08:45]  Taking a lead role in emergency food supplies (press)
[07:30]  NY Mets silence Christian baseball player: homosexuality (press)
[06:45]  Ukrainian TV-channel suits Association of Christian Journalists (press, exclusive)
[06:10]  She watched 400 hours of porn till she got saved (press)
[05:15]  New fern discovery 'a problem' for evolutionists (press)
[04:40]  Asia Access is morphing pastor training to leadership training (press)
[03:55]  An exodus with little hope: crisis of unaccompanied minors fleeing Syria (press)


[16:55]  High school students in Arkansas asking peers to stand for Christ (press)
[15:50]  Irish families declare to UN: Our babies were not ‘incompatible with life’ (press)
[14:35]  Bibles needed to fight ISIS incursion (press)
[13:20]  Notre Dame gets a new day in court on HHS mandate (press)
[12:45]  Nuns in Burma encourage empowerment of women, end to inequality (press)
[12:00]  Congressman’s office receives a ‘glitter bomb’ for being pro-life (press)
[11:25]  Reach Beyond radio initiative to reach thousands more for Christ (press)
[10:00]  Vatican declines ransom offer for stolen Michelangelo letters (press)
[09:20]  Faith leaders working to save CBI student from death row. (press)
[08:45]  Simplicity, humility, divinity: God never makes a scene, Pope says (press)
[07:30]  State senator’s family receives death threats (press)
[06:15]  new Bishop of Wewak: from Poland to Papua New Guinea (press)
[05:20]  Right to Life welcomes the establishment of Not Dead Yet Aotearoa (press)
[04:35]  President Obama Crosses the Bridge in Selma (press)
[03:40]  Petro Poroshenko: Bible is the first most important book (press, exclusive)


[16:40]  Fears and prayers over Nigerian elections (press)
[15:05]  Kenneth Ridings, former Fruitland president, dies (press)
[14:40]  New Orleans church grieved by youth minister's arrest (press)
[13:25]  Marginalizing women leads to sterile society, says Pope (press)
[12:10]  The Identical: Yochanan Marcellino a Guest on Cornerstone TV (photoreport, press)
[11:55]  City of San Fran. tells archbishop his school reform is discriminatory (press)
[10:40]  Euthanasia supporters in Chile accused of exploiting sick teen (press)
[09:45]  20 summit Mount Kilimanjaro to free sex slaves (press)
[08:20]  Kendrick brothers: fight battles through prayer (press)
[07:35]  A bill keep transgender teens off girls sports teams (press)
[06:50]  Of buckets, reservoirs, and answered prayer (press)
[06:05]  Scotland rejects adultery petition (press)
[05:20]  Public Morality is control by police and State Fiscal Service in Ukraine (press, exclusive)
[04:35]  Muslim first known victim of lengthened "extremism" prison terms (press)
[03:50]  Let Jesus cleanse your heart, Pope Francis says (press)


[12:25]  Silence of government to China's Human Rights Abuses (press)
[05:00]  Religious restrictions among the world’s most populous countries (press)


[14:50]  Abandonment is the greatest suffering of the elderly, Pope says (press)
[11:55]  In U.S., pope's popularity continues to grow (press)
[04:25]  Gabriel Rincon: Elected LFHC Board Chair (press)


[16:40]  5 reasons it isn’t your wife’s fault that you use porn (press)
[14:25]  Study: Are kids just as well off with same-sex parents? Maybe not (press)
[13:20]  Investigation Reveals Medical Marijuana Is Getting Into Kids’ Hands (press)
[11:50]  Woman gives birth to her son's IVF baby (press)
[10:45]  Pope Francis: Church unity is found in Christ, Eucharist (press)
[09:20]  Militants seized the building of the church in Lugansk region, Ukraine (press, exclusive)
[07:15]  Ginny Owens Lives 'No Borders' Theme with New Book (press)
[05:50]  Short-term missions trip gives new opportunities (press)
[04:35]  Cardinal George admitted to hospital for tests, evaluation (press)
[02:40]  Global call to discontinue the use of the term 'incompatible with life' (press)


[16:20]  Pardoned only after repenting and asking the President for forgiveness (press)
[15:05]  Olympian births triplets after rejecting abortion advice (press)
[14:10]  Creation Festivals Looking Forward to Best Year Ever in 2015 (press)
[13:55]  Choctaw translation project eagerly anticipated (press)
[12:40]  Chairman Smith Rebukes U.S. Administration (press)
[11:05]  Fashion company: its profits to help reach abortion-minded women (press)
[10:30]  Discovery of Spurgeon's Psalter a 'treasure' (photoreport, press)
[09:15]  EPA 2015 Convenes in Five Weeks (press)
[08:40]  Would you recognize 'Homeless Jesus' on a park bench in DC? (press)
[07:35]  'Capital punishment must end': Catholic publications unite in statement (press)
[06:10]  Jason Parten: Sings About Trust Learned During Water-Only Fast (press)
[05:35]  Interchurch prayer “For Ukraine” in March (press, exclusive)
[04:40]  Netanyahu: Iran poses world's 'greatest danger' (press)
[03:25]  Nick Clegg to decriminalise 'soft drugs' linked to psychosis (press)
[02:20]  How Cardinal Tagle thinks the Church can better reach Asian cultures (press)


[16:55]  Judge refuses application for Sarah Mbuyi's case to be heard in private (press)
[15:30]  Catholic Relief Services: abortifacient-pushing sex-ed program (press)
[14:45]  Government may back-track on protecting free speech in universities (press)
[13:20]  It's time to gear up for Urbana '15 (press)
[12:35]  Bill to slash slavery gains quickly in Senate (press)
[11:40]  Seven challenges for the Mexican Church and the family (press)
[10:35]  From killing fields to streams of grace (press)
[09:10]  Film about pastor saving disabled babies: Salivation (press)
[08:25]  The pastor from Donetsk criticized the Ukrainian checkpoint (press, exclusive)
[07:40]  Satanism, Pompeii and the Rosary: Francis' next trip (press)
[06:15]  SBC presidents send open letter to Obama (press)
[05:20] to Host Christian Movie Madness (press)
[04:05]  Church leaders charged with medical malpractice after praying (press)
[03:40]  Vandals destroy 3,000 pro-life posters at University of Alberta (press)
[02:25]  New statutes for economic reform are in effect at the Vatican (press)


[16:25]  Russian Christians fearful after assassination (press)
[15:00]  M&S backtracks on banning 'Christ' (press)
[14:15]  Prosecutions for public evangelism and public meetings for worship (press)
[13:30]  Father Hesburgh, legacy-building Notre Dame president, dies at 97 (press)
[12:45]  '3 parent babies' approved by House of Lords (press)
[11:40]  Buddhist monks’ cremation ceremonie in Myanmar (press)
[10:45]  Scientists: Hormonal contraceptives may alter behavior (press)
[09:30]  February’s Religious Freedom Recap (press)
[08:25]  Indian diocese joins Pope Francis to pray for persecuted Christians (press)
[07:20]  TV channel “TBN-Rodnoy” expands its distribution in the United States (press, exclusive)
[06:35]  1 in 5 Dutch doctors would help healthy die (press)
[05:50]  Available Today: 'Beautifully Flawed' by Shari Rigby (press)
[04:25]  Same-sex parents: 'possible,' not 'moral' (press)
[03:30]  Chart-topping Benedictine nuns to drop new album for Easter (press)
[02:45]  New research reveals kids do best with mom and dad (press)


[16:50]  17-year-old kidnapping victim: never considered abortion (press)
[15:15]  Mission in Business: the lack of Christian governors in Ukraine (press, exclusive)
[14:30]  The Middle East is experiencing a deadly winter (press)
[13:15]  Priest as spokesman over obscene tweet to Cardinal Burke (press)
[12:00]  WEEK OF PRAYER: Simple click connects to GenSend (press)
[11:35]  The Unfinished War against Christians (press)
[10:50]  Lebanon street children problem grows with refugee crisis (press)
[10:05]  Google: won’t block porn on Blogger from public searches (press)
[09:20]  Pope puts family at the center of social justice (press)
[08:15]  Minsk: Problems with the Bible translation: Past and Present (press, exclusive)
[07:40]  New missionaries join God's 'unstoppable mission' (press)
[06:25]  Chairman Smith Condemns Brutal Murder of Boris Nemtsov (press)
[05:10]  Wedlock as Crime Stopper, Cohabitation as Crime-Sustainer (press)
[04:35]  Russian authorities demanded Ukrainian churches re-registre (press, exclusive)
[03:50]  Why this priest has spent 50 years fighting with the New York Times (press)


[11:05]  Utah cop who refused to lead gay parade urges love for homosexuals (press)
[08:40]  Could Pope Francis travel to Ukraine? (press)
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